My name is Noel Rosos and I am the founder of Life’s How You Live It.  My mission is to help you live the life you want and find happiness and success by capitalizing on your FAILURES.

Yes, seriously, that is my mission.

If you’re wondering why then let me go into detail.

I’m 37 years old and a father to three beautiful kids and husband to a loving wife.  I work in the IT industry and have been an employee for the past 15 years.  I started out as a call center agent and stayed there for 10 years before my team got laid off.  I moved to the education industry where I became a college professor while still holding part-time workshops for professionals teaching graphic design courses.  I moved to the banking industry in 2010 where I became a manager for an information security group and now for the release management team.

Life’s been good but with a growing family and a house to pay, it has come to a point when my salary wasn’t good enough to sustain our needs.  We lived from paycheck-to-paycheck and irresponsibly used credit cards to make ends meet until one day, I found myself buried in HUGE debt.

It was embarrassing to get your card declined on a grocery line.  It was humiliating to have nothing left in our savings account that I have to resort to working from home because I don’t have money for commute anymore.

It was the lowest point in my life but if I had to do it all over again, I would still want to go through it because it was through this MASSIVE FAILURE that I realized my mistakes and decided to make the change.  This is where I discovered the power of personal development.

I started to read a lot self-help books and listen to motivational materials to change my mindset and help me become a more positive and hopeful individual.

I used to write for my school organ and I knew that I have the talent and passion for it so I started this blog because I want to help people avoid the same mistakes I made. I want to help people realize that failure is not the end and that your happiness and success all depends on you AND YOU ALONE.


I’ve been interviewed in several US podcasts and radio shows where I talked about how I help people improve their lives and find fulfillment in what they do.  You can can get to know more about me and what I do by listening to them below:


I’ve also published my own book, From Garbage to Gold: How to punch failure in the gut and live a totally awesome, ass-kicking life where I talked about how to deal with, overcome and use failure to our advantage.

I want to make a difference in people’s lives and the best way I can is through writing, speaking and coaching. This is my calling and it took a HUGE SETBACK for me to discover it.  Yours may just be around the corner, waiting to be unleashed and I want to part of that.


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  • Hey Noel-- I really appreciate the content of your site. There are not enough blogs that are simply, succinctly, and well-written about what is most important in life. I just started something similar called The Life Study or http://www.the-life-study.org . Would you mind taking a quick look at the first post to see if it is motivating? I am in the same boat as writing being a passion but not acting upon it until now..

    • Hi Stephen,

      That was a great post. If I was not motivated by your contents, I'd be so freakin insensitive. Very informative, very detailed. And it does inspire an action from the reader so congratulations dude! Publish this already!


      • Hi. thank you for this great blog. Could you please reply with a short link of plugin or websiite you are using for subscribtions?

        • Hi giorgi,

          Thank you. For my subscription, Im using a WP plugin called subscribe2.

          Hope this helps.


  • Thank you for showing me the Silva Life System! I am going to use it everyday to retrain my mind to get out all of the negativity!

    • Thanks Liz!

      I'm glad the article helped you in one way or another. Negativity is counter-productive. I should know because I used to be more of a negative person and I'm so glad I made the change because this is what my blog is all about. Happiness is a choice!

  • Great Blog! I love it! So true.. how are we supposed to fix anything if we don't know there is a problem right? We must always look at our failures. I'm actually creating an online course platform and am looking for instructors , is this something you would be interested in? You posted this blog in my FB Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/counciloflight
    Here's my website http://www.counciloflight.net if you are interested in learning more about Council of Light Online Learning Cafe and Community! Looking forward to hearing from you! (BTW there is no cost for you to post your courses :D and you earn 40% on all sales!)

  • Hi Noel

    I don't want to leave a bad review on amazon but you need to format your book properly as I cannot read it o my tablet.

    Regards Karyn

    • Thanks for the feedback Karyn. Not sure why that is because ive tested it in my tablet, phone and pc and people I know have also read it without problems. Are the letters garbled?

      • Hi Noel

        Thanks for getting back to me. It doesn't show the bottom part of the page and is only a single column on each page, other than that is is fine - just can't read as it doesn't make sense. I even tried shrinking the letters still didn't work.

        I am looking forward to reading it as the description sounds exactly like what I need!!!

        Regards Karyn

        • Hi Karyn,

          I went through several forums on amazon and this seems to be an issue with the version of the kindle reader you're using based on what I read. There's supposed to be an on and off switch for 2 columns depending on the reader you're using. Best to check with amazon or download it to your other device if option is not available for your current device.