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12 Acts of Kindness You Should Be Doing Everyday


acts of kindness

Do random acts of kindness to live a happy life

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”― Mark Twain

Contrary to what others may believe, happiness isn’t really that difficult to have.  With the right attitude, even in the face of adversity, one can find happiness if he or she chooses to.  After all, happiness is a choice isn’t it?

Part of being happy is incorporating everything positive into our lives.  We need to stop talking negative, acting negative, and thinking negative if we are really aiming for total happiness.  One of the best sources of happiness is being kind to people.  Remember the last time you opened the door for a stranger and this person smiled back at you while saying thank you?  How did that make you feel?

Here are __ acts of kindness you should practice doing everyday:

1. Smile – There are more benefits in smiling than just letting everyone know that you’re happy.  Smiling eases tension, slows down your heart rate, gets you in a good mood and reduces stress.  It breeds trust and gives others the impression that you are approachable and you have good intentions.  Just smile genuinely and from the heart because a fake smile is easily recognizable.

2. Say hi to a complete stranger – one of the things I love about a person is his or her humility.  How would you feel if a person in suit, briefcase in hand comes into the elevator you are in, smiles at you and says “Hi”?  This has happened to me many times with people who for all I know may be a top executive or a CEO of a prestigious company.

3. Be generous with your compliments – One of the things I’ve learned from John Maxwell is his 30-second rule in his book 25 Ways to Win With People.  According to Maxwell, you should look for something good in a person in the first 30 seconds of conversation instead of saying something good about you.

Don’t be greedy with your compliments.  Say something good about the person you socialize with upon bumping into them.                  Compliment their hair, say something nice about how they look or tell them that you loved his presentation yesterday.

4. Say thank you – Whether it’s because of the help you got from finishing a report or the chewing gum you got because you left your toothbrush at home, big things or small, always say thank you.  It feels good for the other person to know that he or she was able to contribute in solving a problem you had.

5. Commend a co-worker for a job well done – if you are a boss or a manager, instead of magnifying your staff’s mistakes, why not look for the positive and commend a job well done each day?  You will not only improve the team’s morale, you will also be increasing your staff’s self-confidence.

6. Take somebody else’s picture – I know we are in the age of selfies and all but every time you run into perhaps a couple or a family who would like to have their pictures taken together, volunteer to do so.  Tell the other person to join the group or his or her partner and that you will take their picture instead.

7. Help an elderly or a child cross the street – take the hand of an elderly man or woman and help them cross the street even if they seem capable by themselves.  People appreciate initiative and you will probably be rewarded with smile and thank you combination.  I am automatic when it comes to this especially when I see a blind person crossing the street.  I even accompanied one before in getting to his destination.

8. Hold the door for a total stranger – this is applicable especially for men.  Whenever you pass by the main door of the building lobby and you have a woman trailing you, hold the door for her.  If the person trailing you is carrying a lot of stuff, hold the door for them.

9. Volunteer to carry other people’s things – if you run into someone who is carrying a lot of things, volunteer to carry some of their stuff for them.

10. Share an umbrella – if you are waiting in line for the next bus and it suddenly rains, offer to share your umbrella with the person closest to you who doesn’t have one.

11. Give way to other vehicles – ever since I learned how to drive, the one thing I noticed about myself is that I find it hard to let other vehicles pass before I do.  I became selfish and I get irritated when another vehicle gets one over me so I changed my approach.  This time, the priority would be to give way instead of trying to beat each other and see who’s faster.  This mindset has been beneficial to me.  There’s less stress and less risk of accident.

12. Be nice – we all have busy days when work doesn’t seem to want to end but this doesn’t mean that we have to be all grumpy.  Be nice to people.  If you have to say “no”, do it nicely.  If someone stepped on your foot in a crowded elevator, just smile and accept their apology.  Be approachable and stay humble.

The way to being happy is not a complicated road.  Little acts of kindness such as the ones mentioned above will help you make other people’s day and yours should follow.  It’s priceless to see your actions contribute to other people’s happiness.  Let this same happiness be one of the keys to yours.

What are your daily acts of kindness?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment or feedback below.


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  1. Rachel

    I like these ideas. I try to do a lot of them, at least some of the time but it’s good to have a reminder, so thank you :-) It’s amazing how little things can make such a difference to someone’s day. In that sense I’ve noticed how much a compassionate nurse or dr can make a difference to a hospital visit. I make a point of telling them if I’ve found their attention to be particularly good. An acknowledgement of how well they’ve done their job goes a long way. I’ll ony give a compliment if it’s genuine, but it’s good to look for opportunities. I think that the act of really listening to someone is also a wonderful act of kindness. It’s not always easy to find someone who will REALLY listen and so people tend to notice that.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      You are correct Rachel! Add that to the acts of kindness mentioned. A good listener lessens the burden we carry. These are the little things we don’t pay too much attention to but has a good impact on others. Happy you liked the article!

  2. Romall

    I enjoy your blog.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Thanks Romall I appreciate that!

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