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Are You Living The Dream?

living the dream

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“Do not be sad that all odds are against you; be happy that your real purpose is by you”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Living The Dream

It’s the day after my 39th birthday and up to this point I’m still not done thanking each and everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to drop me a message and wish me a fun and exciting natal day.

This has to be one of the best birthdays I’ve had in years, not that the previous ones weren’t.  I guess it just had something to do with what I was able to do this time.  I took the kids to school, had a lunch date with my wife (which we haven’t done for a very long time), had a simple celebration at home with my mom, it was awesome.  This was something I would never have done if I was still employed in corporate.

It’s a different feeling when you have time in your hands.  You don’t have to worry about work or a boss to answer to. You’re not worried that Monday is coming or that traffic awaits you on your way to work.  I came to realize that I was starting to live the dream.

You see when I started dabbling with personal development and a little over three years ago and eventually started a blog about it, I was exposed to a lot of people who are considered influencers who talked a lot about achieving their ultimate dream of running a business from home (or anywhere for that matter).  They all wanted to be their own boss and be in charge of how they earned their income and listening to them made me realize that I wanted the same thing.

I want to be able to work when I want to.  I want to be able to work anywhere comfortable.  I want to be able to look after my family and I want to be able to work without the pressure and I was am doing that now.

I wouldn’t have thought it was possible before I started studying personal development and even after I started learning it, part of me felt like it may not be possible for me to achieve it.  That I wasn’t good enough to actually wing it but here I am now, starting to live the dream.


It Started From Failure

You know what’s funny?

It took a big failure for all these to be possible.  I had to lose my job to finally have the balls to take the risk of becoming a freelancer and looking back, I am thankful it happened because I don’t think I would have had the guts to quit and start living the dream of working from home and this is what I’ve said all along that life’s biggest opportunities usually come from your failures.

I could have come back to corporate if I wanted to.  That was the dilemma I was faced with after getting laid off.  Should I look for opportunities in another company once again (and eventually get laid off in the near future) or do I finally go all out and move to freelancing?  It wasn’t an easy choice because the downside with freelancing is that nothing is guaranteed.  You can have 3 projects today and nothing to do next week but I knew I had to bite the bullet if I’m going to live the dream.

My goal is to have an online business and I know that I’m not at that point yet but that’s the target and I’m going to get there soon but I can’t deny the fact that freelancing is the best way to start going after that goal because it gives you a feel of how online entrepreneurship is.  It’s the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

Everything’s been great since I took this course and like I said in a previous blog post, it’s the happiest I’ve been in years.  I’ve never had that feeling of being excited to wake up the next morning to work on a client’s blog, write an ebook, and manage their company’s social media.  It’s what I’ve always wanted to do and I’m doing it now.  If that’s not living the dream, then I don’t know what it is.


Over To You

Are you living the dream?  If the answer is NO, when are you going to do it and how are you planning to get started?  If you don’t have a plan, I would really urge you to start one because believe me, though it’s not going to be easy, it’s definitely going to be all worth it.


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Noel Rosos

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Noel is a husband, father, author, performance coach and self-proclaimed FAILUROLOGIST who helps business owners and struggling individuals convert their failures into opportunities through inspiring blog posts, life-changing books and exceptional one-on-one coaching sessions


  1. Manish Kumar

    Hi Noel Rosos,

    Awesome Post!

    Your story is inspirational. Failure is often the gateway of success. There can’t be anything better than living the dream.

    Living the dream isn’t always easy but it’s the purpose of our life as nothing can be more fulfilling than this. My advice is to stick to your dreams as dreams do come true.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Thanks Manish I appreciate it and I’m glad my post inspired you and it is true that dreams do come true. You just have to see it through and never give up on it.

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