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Bad Habit: 10 Habits You Need to Start Changing

bad habit

what are some of the bad habits you would like to get rid of?


Getting rid of a bad habit

You would all agree with me when I say that nobody’s perfect.  No matter how righteous and positive we are, somewhere along the way we are bound to commit mistakes.  We are likely to do something we ourselves qualify as undesirable and in the end, we are left to wonder.

“Why the hell did I do that?”

“What was I thinking?”

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had this epiphany every time we do something we know is not right and ethical.  Whether it was intentional or not is already immaterial.  The best thing we can do is accept that what’s done is done and that we should be taking steps to avoid doing the same mistakes all over again.  After all, we’re just humans and we are bound to make mistakes.

Here are 10 ridiculous habits we need to start changing:


1. Ignoring the alarm clock

We’re all guilty of this bad habit.  We set the alarm the night before so we can get up early and have our morning run or get our dose of early morning exercise and what do we do?  We ignore it or turn it off only to go back to sleep again.  What’s the point of setting it in the first place then?

I’ve been trying to overcome this habit and I’m happy to say that from 4 out of 10, I can say that I am now 7 out of 10 in terms of success rate.


2. Coming up with excuses not to exercise

This is another bad habit I find difficult to achieve.  I wanted to be able to exercise for at least 5 days in a week and there are some weeks when I am able to meet it but there are some where I only get to exercise twice or thrice.

Sometimes we’re just too lazy to get up in the morning and give time for exercise.  Here are some of the most common excuses we come up with which I know you can all identify with:

“I’m really tired from last night’s work”

“I’ll double my frequency next week to make up for the missed day”

“I’ll be late for work”

“I’ll check my emails first…”

“great weather like this doesn’t come often”

I just listed MY common excuses and I’m sure you all have your own “unique” and more creative ones to add to the list.  We need to be more committed if we want to achieve our goal of losing weight or staying healthy.  You can check out a previous article I posted about the different ways to motivate ourselves to exercise.


3. Expecting too much

One of the common reasons why we get disappointed too much when something doesn’t go our way is because of our expectations.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for positive thinking but there’s a thin line between the two especially if it involves other people because we can’t control how people react to our actions.

We should always think positive but we should also set realistic expectations.  We must live with the fact that not everything will always go the way we want them to.


4. Judging people

Sometimes it’s so easy for us to put labels on people especially if they do not conform to our own standards of what’s right and just.  What’s ironic is this is the very same thing we hate about other people.  We hate being judged so why do we pass judgment on others that easily?

Just because someone failed to do something on time doesn’t automatically make him lazy.  There must be a reason why he wasn’t able to.  Maybe he needed to take his kid to school first, maybe his car broke down.  Stop judging people, period.  If there’s anyone who has the right to judge, it’s God, and no one else.


5. Cussing

Does saying bad words as an expression qualify as cussing?  For me it does.  Even if the words are not directed to someone, cussing adds to negativity.  Doesn’t it feel better to speak words that requires no editing if you listen to it a second time compared to F bombs and S words?

I’ve been working on this bad habit for quite some time now and I’ve been trying to remove negative-sounding words in my vocabulary.  Try to replace them with funny-sounding words instead.

Instead of saying the S-word, why not replace it with “shucks” or “shoot”?


6. Not saying NO

One of the things that’s keeping us from being happy is our tendency to always try to please people.  We force ourselves to do something we don’t really like just to please others and not hear them say bad things against us.  I do this a lot, especially at work and I’ve been trying to fight the urge of saying “Yes” all the time.

We can’t put other’s happiness above ours all the time and if we do, that doesn’t make us selfish.


7. Being too nice

We’ve all been raised with good moral values.  As much as we can, we always try to be kind to everyone, to help those in need and be there for our friends and family but in doing so, there are times when we fail to put boundaries.  Whether we admit it or not, there are people in this world who will abuse our kindness, our generosity, and trust.

It’s good to be nice.  But it’s never good to be too nice.  You have to learn to put boundaries too because if you don’t, people will take advantage.


8. Comparing yourself to others

According to financial guru and leadership expert Dave Ramsey, one of the reasons why people get into debt is because of comparison.  We tend to spend money for things that we want instead of the things we need because we wouldn’t want to be left behind.  It’s a bad habit that leads into so much trouble.

We are pressured by the things our neighbors possess that we are forced to make stupid decisions and wrong spending habits.

If your next-door neighbor Mrs. Reyes bought a new car, you also feel the need to get one.  If her kids go to this private school, you wouldn’t want to be outdone or left behind so you get your kids to the same school even if you couldn’t afford it.

Don’t fall into the comparison trap.  Live your life the way you want to and not according to what other people have.


9. Saying sorry more than you should

Just like what I said in the beginning of this article, nobody’s perfect.  We all commit mistakes and if these mistakes caused hurt toward others, saying sorry once is enough.  Taking responsibility for a wrong-doing is admirable but taking ownership of a fault that you did not cause is not cool.  It’s another bad habit we need to get rid of.


10. Fearing to fail

I used to feel really bad whenever I fail at something.  I almost get depressed and my self-esteem gets really low.  This is the same reason why I got into blogging.  I wanted to do something positive to keep my spirit up in times of adversity and writing has really been a big help to combat disappointment.

It was also in writing that I’ve learned that failure is something we should not take negatively.  We should instead look at it as a hurdle that we have to surpass and learn from.  Even the most successful people had to endure failure before they became who they are.  Some of them even experienced multiple failures before they got to where they are.


Over to You

Mistakes are sometimes unavoidable but as long as we know the difference between right and wrong, we should be able to lessen them and avoid letting them become habits.

What are some of the bad habits you would like to get rid of?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave your feedbacks or comments below.


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  1. Cristy Despuig-Dahilig

    uh oh! you’re right…i’m guilty with most of it. but trying my very best to change it…..good job classmate!…never doubted an Olopscian’s talent. Keep it up!

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Thanks a lot Cristy! Appreciate your support for my blog. I knew this post will hit a lot of nerves because I’m guilty of some of them too. I guess we all are and we know it! Keep it in touch!

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