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The Benefits of being Patient

There are benefits to being patient

Being patient has always been my Achilles heel.  I’m the kind of person who wants to get things done instantly and there were times when this behavior blew right on my face.

When I was twelve years old, I joined a summer basketball league together with some friends but due to unforeseen circumstances, the games extended till the rainy season and since we played in an open basketball court (there was not a lot of covered courts back then), the venue gets flooded when it rains.  In fact, some games were cancelled because of bad weather.

One of our star players back then was sick and was unable to play which made cancelled games an advantage for us while we’re waiting for him to heal but for some of us, not being able to play for quite some time has made us impatient.  We wanted so much to play already.  We missed shooting the ball and running across the court.  We missed the cheers of the crowd who watched our every game.

At one point, we approached the people who organized the league and pleaded with them to proceed with the scheduled game and that we’re willing to help get the court dry and flood-free.  They agreed and in about an hour or two, the basketball court has become playable again.  It’s flood-free!

We hurriedly went home to change to our uniforms but there was one thing we failed to anticipate.  We didn’t consult our coach.

He was livid upon learning what we did because we were up against one of the top teams and without one of our star players, our chances of winning is not so great.  He was so mad at us that he didn’t come out to coach us.

We played real hard, some people even said we might have played, by then, our best game but we still fell short.  We gave away our only chance to enter the championship all because we missed playing.  Looking back, things would have been different if we waited for our star player to heal.

We can gain so much from being patient and here are some of them.


Being patient is a key to success

We all know that the road to success can become a bumpy one.  We are bound to make mistakes and experience failure as we go through our respective journeys towards our goals and without patience, some of us may easily give up the fight.  Some of the most successful businesses went through multiple failures before they achieved success and patience was the driving force behind these companies bouncing back from each of those setbacks.

As an individual who has dreams and aspirations, patience should be a trait we should all have because like success, dreams are not achieved overnight.  It requires dedication and patience.


Being patient brings out the best in you

For one to be an expert on something, he or she must do extensive research and countless experiments and practice to be considered the best in that field.  Such was the case for the Wright brothers for inventing the airplane, Alexander Graham-Bell for the telephone, and for Michael Jordan to be the best in basketball.

They didn’t become great overnight and they didn’t do it in one shot.  For the Wright brothers, they had to conduct experiment after freakin’ experiment, each one resulting in failure until they were finally able to figure out everything and have the first successful flight.  Michael Jordan missed more than 9000 shots and several game winners before he became the greatest basketball player of all time.

Failure drives our pursuit and patience keeps us from quitting.  By being patient, we learn to capitalize on our mistakes until such time when we’re so familiar with what we do that mistakes become less and this is how greatness is achieved.


Being patient gives us peace of mind

Remember the last time someone cut you off while driving?  It must’ve lit a fire in you and made you scream expletives because you were so pissed.  When this thing happens, our heart races and rage begins to take over.

This is no different when you hear someone bashing you or if someone trying to discredit you.  You lose your composure and eventually ruin your day.

Patience releases us from these negative feelings.  We could never have peace of mind and happiness if our hearts are filled with hate and bitterness and with the right amount of patience and a dose of forgiveness, these can all go away.  Patience helps us move forward.


Being patient helps build better relationships

Kids can be annoying at times and I’ve experienced this first hand with my son.  There is no better way to test your patience but with a three year-old toddler.  My boy Keon can be pesky at times especially to his sisters.  He blocks the television, turns the channel, and scatters things around.  His sisters have lost their patience several times already.  I did too but I’ve learned to be more patient with him compared to how I did before.

Kids will be kids and accepting that fact really helps.  We can’t expect them to behave the way we want them to at their age so we need to let them be.  We just have to remind them all the time what’s right from wrong or why we got mad at them.  If patience can bring out the best in us, our patience toward others can also bring out the best in them.

This is why patience is required if you want to be a successful leader.  As a leader, you need to be able to develop people and help them succeed but to do so, you have to patiently wait for their potential to come out while instilling in them everything you know.

Leaders are mentors just like parents are to their children.

Over to You

Was there ever a time when your patience was put to a test?


I’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below.

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