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The Non-physical Benefits of Exercise

benefits of exercise

There are more benefits to gain from exercise besides the physical aspect

Those of you who follow my blog regularly already know that I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past 2 months.  I watch what I eat and adopted an exercise routine and I think I’ve done great so far.  I haven’t weighted my self yet but I feel good.  I haven’t really been strict with the dieting because even before I tried losing weight, I did eat less already.  It’s a matter of choosing what I’ll be eating less of this time around.

I’ve been trying to push myself to exercise regularly because admittedly, I used to be lazy when it comes to exercising.  I always find a variety of reasons not to do it but I’ve been more consistent lately though I don’t get to do it everyday, I make sure I do it as often in a week (5 times max).  Since my work schedule and the long hours of commute consumes most of my time, I can’t afford to have a few lapses in the morning so I had to get a routine I can do in the comfort of my own living room.

I came across DDP Yoga, which was formerly YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys) whose main instructor is former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and I loved it and have been using it since.  I find this a better fit for me because my lower back has been giving me all sorts of pain especially when I’m on my feet for a couple of hours and DDP Yoga benefits mostly the spine and our lower backs.  I try to do this everyday after waking up and before going to the office and boy, I’ve never seen myself sweat this much for as long as I can remember.

More than the weight loss, exercise has also been beneficial for me in a non-physical manner.  I noticed some changes to my behavior and attitude since I started doing yoga regularly and here are some of the non-physical benefits of exercise I gained:



Most of us who does the 9-to-5 dread Mondays.  We all savor the two days off the weekend brings and come Sunday night, most of us are all starting to feel the dread.  Exercise has been a good antidote to “Monday Dread” for me.  I noticed that whenever I get to exercise, I feel less worried and felt upbeat instead.  I found that I felt excited and in a good mood to report to work.  Exercise, I believe, helps release the negative feelings and all the stress inside of us helping us become more energetic.


I also found that being able to exercise helps me become more focused at work.  When I didn’t have a regular exercise routine yet, I was disorganized and all over the place.  I sometimes panicked and get overwhelmed by my tasks which made me prone to mistakes.

Now, I am able to properly prioritize my tasks according to my to-do-list and commit less mistakes.  I am also able to remember minute details that I usually forget whenever I’m out of focus.  I can easily “digest” information from the reports I read or the meetings I attend.


One of the benefits I also felt was the sense of calm I felt.  I feel less temperamental and more patient than usual whenever I get to exercise.  I usually flare up easily when I feel tired and stressed out but exercise has been able to turn that off like water on fire.

I usually have a long commute and the traffic can really get to your nerves especially when the weather is also humid,  The sweat and the long wait to reach the office can ruin my day but since I started exercising, even with the given scenario, I still feel good. I believe this is because of the tension that was released that made me feel less pressured.

Peace of Mind

Exercise has also given me some inner peace.  I used to be worried with just about anything from the bills to my family’s health and that gave me a lot of stress.  Exercise gave me a positive mindset that helped me conquer my habit of worrying too much.  It’s true what they say that when your body feels good, so does the mind.  There’s a hope inside me that made me look at things more positively and made me worry less.


Perhaps the most important thing exercise has brought me is self-confidence.  Having exercise regularly helped boost my self-esteem and gave me more confidence in myself and my abilities.  I used to second-doubt myself especially when coming from failure or mistakes but going to the office with the energy and focus needed, I feel much more confident that I can accomplish more than what I usually can deliver.

It will definitely give me more confidence once I see my pants become too big because my waistline has shrunk but then again, I’m not yet at that level so more patience on my part I guess.


There’s been a couple of occasions when colleagues would notice how happy and jolly I am.  I am thankful to have a fairly good sense of humor but there are days when all my jokes were box office hits to officemates.  They would even ask me “why are you so happy?”

I can’t attribute happiness entirely to exercise but I am positive that it has a lot to do with it because I usually feel in a good mood whenever I get to do it early in the morning.

Exercise is very important and I wish I knew this a couple of years ago before I became a potbelly whose breathing becomes heavy by simply bending forward to pick up some keys I dropped.  But then again, it’s never too late.  I do exercise not just to lose weight but because of one great reason, my “why” for doing it and that is because I want to become healthy enough to see my grandkids.

Let’s admit it, life expectancy, nowadays is not a pretty sight.  People in their late thirties succumb to heart failure because of poor eating habits and lack of exercise and I don’t want to be part of this statistic.

Research says, highly successful people all have exercise routines and I now understand why.  Exercise not only shapes the body, it also sharpens the mind.


Question: What non-physical benefits have you gained from an exercise or workout routine?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below.


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    If you want to gain confidence, be focus and achieve peace of mind, exercising is one of the best ways to do it. You might be surprised and wonder if it’s real. But if you try to exercise and do it everyday, you will surely experience these benefits.

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      Noel Rosos

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