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From Garbage to Gold

From Garbage to Gold

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From Garbage to Gold: How to punch failure in the gut and live a totally awesome, ass kicking life

Why does failing hurt so much?  Why is the fear of failure so paralyzing that it keeps us from making smart decisions?  We are all aware that failure is a part of life yet we still find it difficult to deal with it and move past it.

Self-proclaimed “failurologist”, blogger, coach and motivational speaker Noel Rosos shows us a different approach in dealing with failure in this powerful new book where he dissects the reasons we fail, why we are scared to fail and how to use failure to our own advantage through amazing stories from his personal experience as well as those of people who have achieved massive success by embracing their mistakes and using them to turn garbage into gold.

You’ll never look at failure the same way again after reading this book.


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