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How do you build trust?

build trust

How do you build trust?

“It takes years to build trust and only seconds to destroy it.”

Trust, like respect, is something that we earn and earning it can take days, months, or even years.  Building trust is no walk in the park whether you’re building trust in your relationships or within an organization because people need to validate several aspects of your life and attitude before they can give it to you.

When you’re out in the grocery to buy your weekly supply, do you get a different brand of soap from the last time you bought one?  Do you get a different kind of detergent every time you come out?  Probably not.

We all have a trusted brand that we always go back to and become loyal to because we’ve proven what they are capable of and we know that these brands have always been reliable.

The same goes for people.  We give our trust to someone who we can count on and someone who gets the job done but unlike our favorite brand; it will take a lot more to convince people to finally gain their trust.  So how exactly do you build trust?


Always tell the truth

We’ve always been trained to tell the truth yet many of us still resort to lying.  People lie for so many reasons.  It can be because of jealousy, arrogance, or deceit.  Whatever it may be, lying is perhaps the number one reason why you won’t get other people to trust you.

Lance Armstrong, the world renowned road racing cyclist was a seven-time Tour de France winner until he was disqualified from all the races he participated in and banned for life for dope use which he kept from the public all these years.

How can you be worthy of other people’s trust if you can’t even speak the truth?  No one in the right mind would trust a liar.


Do things with integrity

Doing things with integrity is one effective way of gaining people’s trust especially in the workplace.  Leaders find comfort in delegating tasks or empowering people who can be depended upon with minimum supervision.

Being a leader myself, I’ve always been a fan of people with integrity because I know that even if I didn’t hover over them or leave them on their own that they will always choose to do what’s right and what adheres to their moral compass.  Having this knowledge in mind makes me feel at ease in entrusting tasks to them.


Always keep your word

Don’t ever make a promise that you don’t intend to keep.  Being a man or woman of our word, so to speak, is just one of the things that makes us trustworthy.  If you promise to deliver something at a certain time, you need to make sure that you can keep your end of the bargain.

One of the hottest topic nowadays is about fidelity.  Men and women fail to keep the promises they made to their spouses on their wedding day and commit adultery thereby destroying their spouses’ trust.  We must remember that trust, once betrayed, can be difficult to rebuild.

How does it make you feel when you were promised something that was not fulfilled?  Sucks right?


Be transparent

Trying to be someone you’re not can blow right back in your face.  People will notice, in one way or another, if you are pretending or not.  Always be yourself and always stand for what you believe in.  If you don’t agree with another person, say it out loud instead of pretending to agree and then complaining later how much you disagree with what that person said.

The same principle applies to gossip.  If you are complaining to someone who does not have the authority or power to address your concern, that’s considered gossip.  If you’re complaining to someone who has the power to address your issue however, that’s considered a valid concern.

This is also the reason why open communication breeds trust because you are showing everyone who you really are and you are not holding back anything.


Be consistent

Consistency in performance shows reliability and being reliable makes you trustworthy.  Leaders recognize people who show consistency in performing their function and by doing so, earns their trust.  A leader will most likely delegate tasks to a person who has shown consistency in performance over those who are less consistent.

The same goes for relationships.  We most likely will trust someone who has continuously been good to us over those who only shows up when they need something from us.

Women will most likely date someone who has consistently called and visited her instead of going out with a guy who makes her feel his presence occasionally or whenever he feels like it.


Do things without expecting something in return

Another way to build trust is by being selfless.  If you’re going to do something for someone, do it without expecting something in return.  Acts of kindness are appreciated more if they are done with only good intentions in mind.  People will not be weary in granting you their trust because they know that you only have their best interest and that you’re not doing such for your personal gain.

We all have people we trust like friends and colleagues.  Try to look back and ask yourself.   “What made me trust him or her?”  Is it because of their consistency, integrity, reliability, or all of these things?

Try to look back as well on how you gained the trust of people who trusts you.  What did you do for you to gain their trust?

I’d love to hear from you and I will appreciate it if you leave your comments below.

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