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10 Cruel Facts About Life No One Wants to Admit

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What are the brutal facts about life you purposely ignore?


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde


The Brutal Facts About Life you hate to admit 

I was a college student when the movie Forrest Gump came out and I’ve considered this movie as one of my favorites of all time since then.  The movie is not only a source of inspiration but it also helps us understand everything we need to know about life.

I can still remember that memorable quote Forrest said to one of the people he met while waiting for the bus.

“Life is like a box of chocolates.  You’ll never know what you’re gonna get.”

Well that’s an awesome analogy but it pretty much sums up what life is really all about.  It’s full of surprises, it’s a series of twist and turns, ups and downs, triumph and tragedies.  You name it.

While none of us have the ability to foresee what lies ahead, there are facts about life that are well established but the more surprising thing is that despite these truths, most of us still refuse to accept them as facts.  Whether it’s intentional or not is really beside the point.  These facts about life should, in one way or another, help us make better decisions and meaningful relationships.  Knowing them works to our advantage but why do we still end up taking things for granted and taking life itself for granted?


1. Everybody dies but no one knows when

Creepy, I know but hey, truths cannot only be cruel and brutal, they can also be morbid.

One of the facts about life we all dread is the subject of mortality.  We all know that we all have expiration dates.  We all know that we are living on borrowed time so why are you not living the life you want?  Why are you taking everything for granted?  Why are you wasting the opportunities life brings in front of you?  Why are you destroying the relationships you’ve built?  Why do you not say I love you when you really mean it?  Why do you spend more time with work than with family?

We only get one shot at this my friend so make the most our of it.  You don’t want to look back fifty or seventy years from now as you sit in your rocking chair at your front yard looking at the vast expanse wondering what might have been because that would really suck unless time machines are already in existence by then.


2. You can’t make everyone happy no matter how hard you try

Stop mastering the art of people pleasing because:

a. It’s not an art


b. You’ll always come out on the losing end regardless of your intentions.

I was a former people-pleaser (and still am at times) and I can assure you that it’s not gonna be worth it even if you think it is.

Why do you have to make everyone around you happy at the cost of your own happiness?  Just remember that prioritizing yourself is not being selfish.  It’s about self-love which should always come first above everyone else.

Take it from the late Whitney Houston: “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”


3. Things won’t always turn out the way you expect them to

One of the facts about life we often ignore is the chance of failure.  By now we all know that failure and difficulty is part of life and that no matter how perfectly planned your goals and dreams may be, there will be a few bumps along the way but why do you still get surprised with all these?

Why do you still get stuck?

Why do you still look for someone to blame and have your own pity party?

Things won’t always go in your favor every time and knowing this and accepting this as fact helps you become ready and prepared for the battles ahead. It helps you become aware of how you should react or respond to the situation and how you would get around the obstacles that life will throw at you.


4. Wealth won’t buy you happiness

I’d be lying if I told you that I’m not aspiring to become rich I mean, WHO DOESN’T?

I would love to become wealthy someday not because I want to have the car of my dreams or that house by the sea that I’ve always dreamed about (I mean sure, I will probably get them) but for different reasons.

It would be awesome to have all the money and the wealth you can acquire but it is the reason behind the dream that matters most and for me it’s all about living comfortably.  I want my family to have a convenient life where I don’t have to worry about money when it comes to our basic necessities. I want us to live in abundance so that there’ll be money to pull out in case of emergencies and give back to charity.

Finally, I want us to have just enough to be able to live the life we want and enjoy the freedom of working on my own business where I can be both an entrepreneur and a dad at the same time.

Money and wealth will not be worth the sacrifice if you only get to see your family once or twice a week.  You can’t work tirelessly to earn enough but fail to build relationships with your children.  I’d rather we just have enough to get and have enough time with the family than have all the wealth but no time for them.  That’s a sad existence my friend so do your best to build your work around your life instead of the other way around.


5. Not everyone, including your loved ones will support you in all your endeavors

Now this is one of the sad facts about life that you have to accept especially if you haven’t experienced it yet because believe me, it sucks big time!

People have different beliefs and opinions and this does not exempt our families so don’t be surprised if your friend, your cousin, your brother, or even your mom refuse to support you and become one of your cheerleaders.


6. Following the rules doesn’t guarantee success

When I say rules, I don’t mean for you to break the law just so we’re clear.  What I mean here is to adhere to the things as they are or follow what is considered the normal convention.  Sometimes, being a maverick does you better than being a goody-two-shoes kind of guy.

Embrace your uniqueness, refuse to follow the crowd and do something different and out of the ordinary.  Street smarts have a higher survival rate than those who stick to the rules every time.


7. There are more fault-finders than there are achievement-seekers

You can be the kindest and gentlest citizen there is but at the end of the day, some people will still find something wrong about you.  That’s the sad reality that you have to accept which is why it is essential to develop thick skin and not take everything personally.  You will get criticized no matter what you do or don’t do so stop caring about what other people will say against you and just do what you want.  This is one of the sad facts about life you should learn to accept so you can manage your expectations.

As long as you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes or defying any laws, you have nothing to worry about.


8. Talent will only get you as far

Talent alone won’t help you reach the top.  You also got to have persistence and grit to make it there.  Being talented will all be for nothing if you don’t have the patience and the drive to reach your goals.  You may be the most talented person out there but if you’re lazy and impatient, it’s not gonna get your anywhere.


9. Happiness is not as difficult to find as you though it would be

Happiness isn’t as complicated as others perceive it to be.  It’s not like The One Ring that requires a long and painful quest.  Happiness is something you have inside of you.  It’s always been there but somehow, you’ve overlooked it because you were focused on other things.  There’s no secret sauce or special formula for one to find happiness.  You just have to really want it and find ways to always be in that state no matter what your circumstances are.

10. You can never get back the time you wasted

Perhaps the most brutal among the facts about life is looking back and telling yourself what you should or shouldn’t have done when you had the chance to. Time is cruel that way.  You can never bring it back.  There’s no rewind or Undo button.  What’s done is done so if you had your shot and you blew it, all you can do is accept what has happened and pray that if the opportunity presents itself once again that you will do otherwise.

This is where your “should haves” come in.  I should have done this, I should have done that.  It screams regret all throughout.  Make the most out of time. Make each second count and make sure that you use your time for something positive because life is too short for you to dwell on the negative things.


Over to You

Life is beautiful but it can also be unfair.  Each day is a new experience and we can’t really predict what’s going to happen next.  It helps to acknowledge the facts about life that we all know exist but we continue to ignore because accepting them as truth will help us make  better decisions.

Which fact about life do you still continue to ignore?  Why do you pretend to be blind when it comes to these truths?


I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment or message below and share your experiences with the Life’s How You Live It community!

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Noel Rosos

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  1. Amar kumar

    Hey Noel,

    The wealthy enjoy an intangible benefit that often eludes the paycheck-to-paycheck worker, a sense of control over their lives. They feel secure in their jobs and less stressed about their futures.

    To achieve a mutually respectful relationship is hard. Once you´ve felt respect for someone you might as well face it, the days of excessive self-admiration are over.Trying long and hard to respect someone or something you despise is a waste of time and energy.Time stops every time you make a fool of yourself. Eventually, thanks for sharing your interesting post with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Appreciate your comments Amar! I guess we can’t really get what we want all the time and that’s just how life is. We just have to accept that fact and find ways to get around the things we’re not comfortable with and still enjoy life despite their existence.

  2. Julian Sirian (@JulianSirian)

    Briiliant post, and I loved both the quotes, especially the first one, which I think is one of the most truest quotes out there (which can be either very sad, or very inspiring…depends on what view you take;-)
    Agree with all the points, especially about not being a people pleaser and taking criticism personally, which was a big one for me (after all, ones persons gentlemen is another persons creep…)
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Totally agree Julian. It makes you wonder sometimes why we still get surprised when someone takes a swipe at us even if we already know that not everyone will like and/or agree with us. As for people pleasing, I must admit I still succumb to it sometimes and it doesn’t always end well. Thanks for your comments bro, as always!

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