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8 Great Qualities of a Good Leader You Seldom Hear About

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Leadership is not about titles and positions, It’s about service.

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”
― Ronald Reagan

I’ve been through a couple of companies in my fourteen years of being an employee and along with it, served a number of bosses who had different leadership styles.  Some were authoritative, some were diplomatic, and some were dictators.  Having seen them in action and how they ran the team or the company was a really good experience because I got to apply some of the good things I saw now that I’m a leader myself.

Leadership is a big responsibility and duty.  It’s something we cannot simply learn from reading books or listening to seminars.  It’s something we learn through experience.  Something we learn by applying the principles we’ve been taught since we were in school.

Contrary to popular belief, leaders aren’t necessarily born.  They are made and they’re made through hard work.

We’ve all read and heard of the different qualities a leader must possess and they’re typically almost the same every time.  He must be honest, respectable, hard-working, and caring to his direct reports but the best quality of a leader that I’ve heard of was the one from Business and Life Coach Chris LoCurto who said that great leaders should have INFLUENCE.

Here are some leadership qualities I believe a leader must have that we seldom hear about:



People follow great leaders not because they have to but because they believe in his ability to lead them.  They believe his vision and they trust him enough to follow his lead because they know that he will lead them to victory.  It is entirely different to follow someone out of fear than following him because of respect and faith.

The best example for this kind of leadership would have to be Jesus Christ.  His apostles follow him because they believe in his teachings and they have faith in everything he does and say.



A good leader knows how to admit his mistakes instead of sweeping it under the table.  He knows that not everything is about him and that he does not have all the answers all the time.  He sees people more knowledgeable than him as a partner rather than a threat.

One of the things I’ve learned from listening to Dave Ramsay’s Entre-Leadership team is that unlike traditional leaders, a great leader hires someone who knows more than he does because he needs someone to develop and delegate things he knows he’s not knowledgeable with.

A great leader does not put value on titles and understands that leadership is not about the title.  He must be willing to serve his direct reports instead of them serving him.



A great leader must have vision.  He should know, or at least have an idea of where he wants to take his team or his company to and he should be able to share this vision with his direct reports.

The best example for this type of leader is Steve Jobs.  His ideas all seemed impossible because of limitations in technology during its conception but look where we are now.  You wouldn’t be able to use your IPad or your IPhones if not for Jobs’ wild imagination.



I simply don’t believe in what someone told me before that sometimes, a leader must be rude and try to avoid developing close relationships with his direct reports.  How did I know this?  Because I was stupid enough to entertain the idea.

You can have close relations with people reporting to you without them going over-the-line and in the process, disrespect your authority.  You just need to know how to set boundaries though.

I’ve had a boss who hung out with us in the pantry to have coffee, play basketball during sports fests, and even chat with us about guy stuff but never once did we ever get too comfortable with his friendship enough to forget that he was still our boss.



I love to be inspired.  I love movies that inspire, I love books that inspire, and I love people who inspire.  For me, a great leader is someone who inspires me to perform and outdo myself.  Someone who brings out the best in me by leading by example.  Someone who always look for the positive in either people or events.



A good leader is one who gives credit where credit is due.  Someone who’s always looking to put the spotlight on someone else instead of embracing all the accolades.  He must realize that the success of the team does not rest solely on him but from everyone’s gallant effort.



Leaders who show genuine concern toward his direct reports fall under this category.  It’s not in his nature to embarrass people in front of everyone just to prove a point.  He criticizes in private and praises people in pubic and is a nurturing parent to his direct reports.



One of the biggest responsibilities that rests in the shoulders of a leader is the ability to make HUGE and TOUGH decision for his team that’s why good decision-making and ability to assess every situation is vital.  He must know when to make the right call and to make the call in crucial moments.


I am far from being the leader I want to be.  I don’t have all these qualities yet in my arsenal but if I am to become a great leader, I  should have them or at least most of them because leadership is not all about titles or high salaries.  It’s about the service you can provide for the people who report to you.

As the great John C. Maxwell said, “if it’s lonely at the top, you might not be doing something right”


Question: For you, which of the qualities mentioned above should always be the number one priority for a leader to have?

I would love to hear from you and I would appreciate it if you could leave some comments below.


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