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How to Make the Most of the New Year

new year

How do you make this year your best year ever?

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”
― Brad Paisley


Making the most of the new year

Now that a new year is upon us you’ve probably started formulating your new year’s resolutions (if you haven’t yet). You’re probably very excited to replace some of those bad habits, make the change you think you need to undergo and make this year your best year ever!

That’s exactly how I feel to be quite honest.  I am just really excited for this year because it’s like having a new beginning.  I am not so much into correcting past mistakes because most of my goals are new ones.  There’s just no reason not to feel excited of this year.  There’s so much promise and the potential for growth is just limitless. You just have to be determined and driven enough to make your goals a reality.

I think having goals and resolutions are already given.  The better question is, how sustainable are your goals? How realistic and attainable are they?

Setting goals is just the beginning but if you really want to realize these plans, you need to have a more systematic approach and I hope that the tips I’m about to give you would help you achieve what you set out to do.


Leave the previous year behind

You’ve got a whole new year standing right in front of you so whatever heartaches, hardships, and bitterness the previous year brought, you got to move past them.

Leave all your heavy baggage behind.  So you screwed up, so you messed up, FINE!  Just move ahead and redeem yourself this year.  Use this new year to start over and start fresh.  Make amends and fix any falling out you may have had with a friend or a loved on.  Forget about the mistakes you’ve made and focus on not repeating them again this year by setting goals and developing new habits.

Don’t let the ghost of last year continue to haunt you because what lies ahead presents a lot of promise waiting for you to uncover.


Get clear on your vision

You have to take a look at the bigger picture and re-assess what your vision is because going ahead and coming up with goals will all be for nothing if you’re not clear on the reason you are aiming for them.  What is your purpose  and how do these goals fit in?  How do the realization of these goals contribute to your vision?

Take the time to think and think long and deep so you won’t waste the year doing something that doesn’t really have anything to do with your vision.

If your vision is to quit your job and start your own business, the goals you set should be in alignment with it.  You could probably start attending seminars or start working with a coach in preparation for it.  Don’t just set goals for the sake of having one.


Write them down

You probably think you know yourself that well and that you can trust your memory all the time but I’m telling you, you can’t and I’m speaking from personal experience.  All the ideas and all the goals you set out for yourself will be more effective if you write them all down so buy a small notebook (preferably one that would fit in your pocket) and a pen and write all of your goals down.  Use the SMART model and always keep it near you.

Believe me, you would appreciate your goals more if you have them written down.  You can review them anytime you like but most importantly, it’ll always be there as a reminder if you start to drift away.

Motivate yourself to strive even harder by reading your goals when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.  By doing this, you will be subconsciously influencing all your actions toward the attainment of your goals.  Try it.  It’s not gonna cost you anything.


Limit your goals to three at most

Sometimes we want to do a lot of things that we fail to prioritize the more important ones over the lesser ones so to avoid this, I would recommend you limit your goals to three at most and I learned this from one of the people I admire most when it comes to personal development, the one and only Lewis Howes.

I listen to Lewis’ podcast regularly and one of his tips is to limit your goals and make sure to set goals that would cover the most important aspects of your life which, in this case are, Health, Relationships, and Abundance.  Of course it would differ from person to person depending on your priorities.

Limiting the number of goals will help you focus and achieve more because you’re not pressured to accomplish a lot.


Say “No” more than you did before

I know that saying “No” can be tough to a lot of people (that includes me!) but if you really want to have the best year, you’d have to learn to be a little ruthless when it comes to giving favors.  That may sound selfish but at the end of the day, you still need to put your happiness ahead of others’.

It’s funny because we tend to do the opposite most of the time but end up complaining to ourselves after,  wouldn’t it have been easier if you thought about the things you will be giving up to fulfill these favors?

Remember that by saying “Yes” to something, you are practically saying “No” to other things so make sure you know your priority.


Be more thankful

We all have the tendency to complain about the things we lack especially when our friends or relatives have them. One of the disadvantages of being active in social media is that you get updated with the latest happenings in your friends’ lives and sometimes, it becomes the source of envy and comparison which makes you regret the kind of life you have now.

Why can they go on vacations while we can’t?  Why can they afford a new car when we can’t even buy one?

Thinking and complaining about the things you lack will only bury you in misery.  Instead of focusing on these things, shift your attention to what you have.  So what if you don’t have the material stuff?  You have your family, you are in good health, you have friends who support you.  That’s all that matters.  Aren’t you lucky to have these over the material stuff you’re complaining about?


Develop new habits

Tom Ziglar, Zig Ziglar‘s son, was once asked in one of the conferences he attended what he thinks was the key to success and his answer was short and sweet: “change your bad habits into good habits”

What he said is absolutely true because success is the result of the small wins and the good decisions we make everyday and what better way to achieve both but by developing new habits?

If you didn’t watch what you are last year, it’s time to stop doing that and be more conscious this new year.  Exercise with consistency, regularly check your weight and make sure to live a healthy lifestyle.  Stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol and get enough hours of sleep.

According to a study, it takes 21 consecutive days for a routine to become a hobby so write them all down and start taking action!


Be more ambitious

The only limits you have are those that you set upon yourself so if you’re going to dream, dream big!

Go big on your dreams.  Don’t just wish you can settle all your debt this year.  Why not dream of becoming a millionaire instead?  Don’t settle for good enough but go for the best!

Every big endeavor and achievement all begins with a dream which is why I urge you to go big on this one, It may not happen as quick as we want to but with determination and a no-quit attitude, anything’s possible!


Work more on yourself

You are your biggest investment and if you’re going to be successful you have to work on yourself more than you did the past year.

Exercise more, eat right, read more and stay off the couch!  You’ll never achieve anything by binge-watching The Walking Dead or Westworld unless you consider weight gain an achievement.  Learn a new skill, write a book, or just do something that will add value to you as a human being.

I’m not saying that you totally remove life’s simple pleasures away from the equation.  You just have to make sure that you allot thirty minutes to an hour everyday on improving yourself because if you do this consistently, I assure you, it will all be worth it.


Openly embrace failure

We all fear failure and it’s a natural reaction because let’s face it, who in the right mind would like to fail?  I don’t like failing too but you also have to consider the fact that failure is inevitable.  You have to get into that mindset that it is part of life, it’s temporary, and that it’s meant to make us tougher and resilient.

I know I’m gonna fail in some of my goals this year and I’m ready should it happen.  You should be too because that’s how life is and no one will give you what you want without trying.  So take more risks and if these risks lead into failure, accept it.  Own it and continue moving forward.


Take time to enjoy life

We all work hard to make a living and work can get so busy that we fail to enjoy the beauty of life.  Stress is one of the leading causes of heart attack and if we’re not careful, it’s easy to get carried away especially if we are on a tight schedule.  Don’t forget to give yourself a break when it comes to it.

Go on vacation and set aside time for travel and leisure.  We all need it so if you can, travel as often as your work allows it because the best way to decompress is to get away from hustle and bustle of city life.  Take time to smell the roses and enjoy nature.  A change of scenery makes a lot of difference.


Over to You

Are you excited for the new year?  What excites you about it?  What are your plans?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment or share your stories below.  Let us know!


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    Amar kumar

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      Noel Rosos

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