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Are you in a job you love? 6 Tips on how to get there

job you love

Are you in a job you love? Is it too late to be there?

When we were young we all had an idea of what we want to be when we grow up.  The most common answers I heard back then was either that of being a doctor or a lawyer.  For some reason, I had a different career in mind and even I can’t believe that back when I was a child, I answered that same question with “I want to be a priest”.

Yes, I know, and my friends and colleagues may have fallen off their chairs or blew the food right out of their mouths upon reading this.  But hey, I was just a kid.  Give the kid a break!

I don’t know what it is with priesthood that made me want to become one back then.  Maybe it’s the wardrobe, maybe it’s way they command everyone’s attention when they speak, I don’t know.  This was my ambition when I was a child and this would eventually change later on before college.

During that time, the most “in” career here in the Philippines was that of a Physical Therapist and good old me wanted to join the bandwagon.  I applied for it in college but I’m probably not cut out for pinching dead nerves and regulating blood flow because I didn’t get accepted and ended up with my second choice – Computer Science.

I am now working in the IT industry but I wasn’t in it after I graduated.  I worked in a call center for 10 years after graduation and became a part-time instructor for graphic design subjects all at the same time.

You all have your own stories too and I’m pretty sure most of you aren’t where you envisioned yourselves to be because there are many factors that can change our career’s direction.  It can be money, location or the amount of competition that prevented you from doing the job you love.  The one you’ve dreamed of becoming at a certain point in your life.

Is it still possible to get these jobs you longed for?  Is it too late to realize your ambition?

Well of course it isn’t!  As cliché as it may sound, one is never too old to learn new things.  In this case, we are never too old to do the thing we love the most.  We are never too old to do the thing we are oh so passionate about.  But it will take time and a whole lot of effort.  Sacrifices will have to be made.  But hey, I’m sure regardless of how much you have to sacrifice, it will all be worth it because work wouldn’t feel like work when you’re doing the thing you love.  Here are a couple of tips on how you can get and do the job you love.


Don’t quit your day job….not just yet

The common misconception is that for us to get to our dream job, we must give up our full-time job.  This is the worst decision you can ever make.  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.  You need your day job to sustain your income and support your family so don’t give it up just yet.  While you’re in there, take advantage of your time at home or your weekends and days off by knowing everything there is to know about the job you love.  Just like what I said earlier, it won’t be easy and you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of your time in making yourself better in preparation for your dream job which means giving up TV time or videogames.


Read, read, read

Research shows that 85% of the rich and highly successful people read at least two or more non-fiction books in a month.  Reading not only adds up to our knowledge, it also gives us different perspectives on a chosen subject.  Reading also allows you to learn from other people’s experiences and if you want to achieve success in something, knowing what others who succeeded before you and applying them in your journey will definitely give you an advantage.

Take advantage of the benefits of today’s technology.  There’s a wealth of reading materials you can choose from nowadays apart from your regular books.  You have blogs, white papers, e-books, audiobooks, and journals.


Use the power of the internet to teach yourself

Learning used to be all manual.  If you want to learn about a certain subject, you can go to the library and look for books made for the subject of your choice.  Today, we have the internet and its mere presence doesn’t allow us to come up with excuses anymore.  If you want to learn how to use Photoshop, simply typing the word in Google gives you a million possibilities already and we haven’t mentioned watching Youtube videos yet.

I never had an idea on blogging before I ventured into it.  I watched several videos, read a couple of blogs, and listened to a number of podcasts.  That’s just it.  No one taught me how to do it.  I never attended a seminar to know more about it.  You just need to be resourceful in getting a hold of the knowledge you’re after.  You don’t even have to spend a single cent.


Manage your expectations

Once you’re ready, you have to know in your mind that it won’t be easy.  You may encounter failures along the way that will make you want to give up but don’t be discouraged.

If you are passionate about painting for example, chances are you won’t get everything right for the first time.  You may use the wrong kind of brush, the wrong color, the wrong medium, and so forth.  Bear in mind that this is all part of the learning process and that in time, you would get everything right by learning from your mistakes.


Practice makes perfect

According to the great Zig Ziglar, a task becomes a habit after doing it for 21 consecutive days.  The constant repetition makes it familiar enough that it becomes part of our routine.

If you want to become a best-selling author, writing should be part of your daily routine much like bathing and eating.  Finishing up 10 pages a day will keep your momentum high and stimulate your mind in a way that the activity becomes part of your system.


Be an expert

If you are to pursue the job you love full-time, you need to become an expert in that field.  You need to become a reliable source or authority when it comes to that subject matter and this can be achieved through constant practice and extensive knowledge.  The learning process shouldn’t stop as soon as you start doing your dream job and this shouldn’t happen if you truly love what you’re doing because your passion will always be there no matter what.  It’s what makes you wake up excited each day, it’s what keeps your energy high and make you want to know more.

Dave Ramsey is the authority when it comes to money and finance in the United States.  He has published several books and has his own radio program about overcoming debt.  He has mastered this subject, having been broke at one point in his life.  He vowed to never go through it again by learning everything he needs to know about money.

How about you?  Are you currently working on a job you love?

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