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Kindness: Are You a Blessing to Others?


Are you a blessing to those around you?

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”
― Plato

Working in the IT industry is like a double-sided blade.  While it does pay handsomely compared to other industries, the stress level it brings is unbelievable.

I’ve worked in other industries like BPO and Education and thus far, IT has been the most challenging.  The long hours, the complicated projects and the absence of work-life balance can really suck the life out of you and to make things worse, some of the people you will come across can be as awful as they can get.

There was this one time when we’re in the middle of a really hectic day.  Requests are coming left and right, customers complaining non-stop, and escalations were filling up my mailbox.  It was brutal.

There was one item that I wasn’t familiar about and in such situations, I would rather ask than assume because the latter just leads to more problems than solutions so I went ahead and asked a colleague of mine.

“Are you familiar with this?” I asked while showing him the data.

“You should know that too right?  I can’t spoon-feed you every time you know!” he replied to surprise.

Never to be pushed around, I retaliated.

“If you don’t want to help, just say it.  You don’t have to be a dick about it.” I said.

He went on to preach about taking initiative and learning on my own but I already moved and never heard or understood the rest of what he said perhaps, intentionally because I didn’t want to ruin my momentum, more so, my day.

For me, that was a simple question.  A simple yes or no would have sufficed but telling me I had to go through the same route he took in knowing what he has learned was totally uncalled for.  It was unnecessary.  It was way out of line.

I was a bit pissed because I would have never done the same if the roles were switched.  Working in a team environment requires kindness and a willingness to help and I didn’t see an inch of each with that response.

Working in a stressful environment is hard enough.  The least we could do is not be a burden to our peers or colleagues.


Go out of your way to help people

Zig Ziglar said, You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

This is absolutely true not only in business but in life itself.  Doesn’t it feel good to help others meet their goals?  Isn’t it overwhelming when you hear the words “thank you” or “I appreciate it.”?

By giving people a part of you, you are able to achieve what everyone is hoping for – HAPPINESS.

My family and I were craving for some good barbecue on stick and we always go to this place and order take out.  It was about 15 minutes away from home so we usually go there in our car and we just wait for our order there also.

One time, while we were waiting, an old man, probably around 50 years and above, passed by.  He had a bag hanging on his left shoulder, he held a folded, disposable box on his left hand and an infant on his right arm.  He begged for some money and I gave him some.  He said thank you and God bless.

“Is that your grandchild sir?” I asked out of curiosity.

“No, it’s my child.  My wife just died after giving birth and we don’t have any money so we’ll just go back to the province.” he replied.

My heart almost melted.

“Have you had anything to eat?” I asked.

“Someone gave me a couple of pieces of bread back there.” he replied, his face, looking tired and hungry.

“Would you like some barbecue?  I’ll buy you a couple.” I offered.

“It it’s okay with you sir.  Thank you.” he said.

I bought him five pieces of barbecue and helped him hold the folded box better because it was about to fall.  I’m almost certain that the folded box was for him and the baby to have something to sleep upon.  I gave him the barbecue, he thanked me again and he went on his way.

I will never forget that day because despite his circumstance, I was able to make him smile even for a few seconds.  That’s a reward you can never put a price on.


Share a part of yourself and be of value

How can you help people if you’re not rich?

That’s probably a question that has come across your mind and the short and sweet answer to that is NO.  Definitely not!

The best example of these are those who work for NGO’s.  Those who work as volunteers.

You can help a friend by your mere presence.  You can help with your sound advice.  You can help with your wisdom and attitude.  You can help with small acts of kindness.

Simple things like opening the door for a lady, helping an elderly person cross the street, helping with the dishes at home.  Find ways to give and add value.  Simple acts of kindness.  That’s all that matters.


Be sincere and don’t expect something in return

I’ve been playing basketball since I was in grade school.  I can still remember how my friends and I played the game back then.  Even if we were playing in a team, we did not play “as a team”.

Our system then was that I will give you the ball and let you shoot but the next time we have the ball, you’ll have to do the same for me.  I know, it’s childish but to my defense, we were children back then.

We’re no longer children but there are still some of us who will only show kindness if they are guaranteed something in return.

What is this an “X” deal?

You scratch my back, I scratch yours?

Be authentic.  If you are going to help, do it because you are willing to and not because you’re looking to benefit from it.


Over to You

Are you a blessing to everyone around you?  Do you go out of your way to help those in need when necessary?

Let me know what you think.  Leave a comment or share your stories.  I would love to hear them!


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  1. Julian Sirian (@JulianSirian)

    Great article. Have had situations, where people want me to find the answer myself, at the most akward times…and I think this, ‘scratching your back’ saying is very old. You help somebody else out becuase it is the best demonstration on who you are.(Not that I’m an expert, I have to remind myself of that as well…)

    Thanks for posting

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Exactly Julian. I understand that there are people who thrive in a culture where they want to let others experience what they did but during urgent times, that’s not really very helpful. We must help people because we really mean it and we want what’s best for them.

  2. Brenda Cortez

    Always be kind and help others!! A simple golden rule of treat others the way you want to be treated.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Amen to that Brenda!

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