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7 Powerful Ways to Make Your Dream a Reality



You have the power to make your dream a reality

“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all have that ultimate dream since we were children.  Some of us dreamed of becoming a popular celebrity much like our favorite actors and actresses or the singers we idolize on TV.  Others, like myself, dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player just like Michael Jordan.

Dreams are essential if we want to live a good life.  It gives us direction and purpose.  It sets our path to greatness and if we really want to be somebody someday and achieve everything we hoped for, it all starts with a dream.  The big question is how do we make our dreams a reality?  What will it take for us to make our dreams come true?

1. Focus on One Dream at a Time

One of the hurdles keeping us from achieving our dreams is our tendency to go after a number of them simultaneously.  Stop being a jack of all trades and a master of none.  Focus on the one dream that you really love.  The one you BADLY need to make.  The one dream that once you have realized, will make life complete and fulfilled for you.

Multi-tasking is never effective when you are after quality because your attention is divided.  The same goes with your dreams.  For you to make a dream in the shortest time possible, you have to put all your efforts into it.

2. Believe that it’s Possible

Positive-thinking plays a big role in the realization of our dreams because if you don’t believe in its possibility in the first place, why waste your time?  If other people has done it, you can do it too.  You’ll be amazed at what dreams can make people do.  You may even be surprised to discover that your drive to achieve your dream can make you do things you never thought you can.

3. Have a Plan

There’s a reason soldiers don’t go to war unprepared in the same way that a basketball team does not come to a game with a plan.  If you are after a dream, you got to have a plan too.  Learn everything you need to know about your dream.  Know everything there is to know about it.  Have a time line that you will strictly follow.

One of the worse mistakes you can make in following your dream is to continue to go at it without a plan because you may be wasting time and effort without you knowing it.

4. Imagine Yourself Achieving Your Dream

Look ahead into the future and imagine yourself becoming the person you want to be and think of how good it feels.  Let this thought inspire you and drive you to push yourself even harder to make that dream a reality sooner than later.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill said that if you want to have a million dollars, imagine holding 1 million dollars in your hand and to do it everyday.  The mind is a very powerful tool and imagine what could happen if you can learn how to harness this power toward the fulfillment of your dreams.

5. Be Persistent

One of the things I learned from listening to Dave Ramsey is the term “gazelle-like persistence”.  According to Dave, he came to admire the gazelle’s persistence to avoid becoming a lion’s meal after seeing it on The National Geographic Channel.  The gazelle ran and hopped for as long as it can to stay alive.

I believe we should have that same persistence and intensity when it comes to the fulfillment of our dreams.  Don’t stop and keep pushing forward until your dreams become a reality.

6. Ignore the Criticisms

Not everyone will support you and your dreams.  Let’s face that fact.  If your dream makes you different and unconventional, people won’t understand but so what?  This is your dream, not theirs, so don’t listen to all the criticisms you will hear.

I have a friend who’s into network marketing and you know how people are when it comes to this kind of business.  She heard all the ridicule and insults she could hear, some even from people who were close to her but she didn’t budge.  She continued what she was doing and after a year of doing the business, she now earns half a million a month together with her husband.  Some of the people who criticized them voluntarily joined them and ate their words.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

No one starts good at something.  It takes time and effort for one to become good at something.  You will experience one failure after another before you become an expert.

Michael Jordan missed several hundred shots in his career.  He missed game-winning shots after another before he became the Michael Jordan we all know.  Successful people learn from failure and they are not scared of experiencing it because they understand the value of the lessons you learn from failure and so should you.

I’ve always told people that if ever one of my daughters would have a boyfriend one day, I would tell them to only pick someone who has ambition because people who do not have big dreams for themselves won’t be able to give my daughter a great future.  Dare to dream and dream big while you’re at it because it is totally free but the happiness and fulfillment it can bring you is priceless.

What are you doing to achieve your dreams?

I would like to hear from you so feel free to share your feedbacks and comments about this topic.  It will be much appreciated.


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Noel Rosos

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Noel is a husband, father, author, performance coach and self-proclaimed FAILUROLOGIST who helps business owners and struggling individuals convert their failures into opportunities through inspiring blog posts, life-changing books and exceptional one-on-one coaching sessions


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  1. Nathan Ambrose

    Great tips, Noel.

    It’s so important to be positive, and defy the jealous critics who want to see us fail.


    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Thanks Nathan!

      It’s one of the sad realities of life that some people are waiting for us to fail but it won’t do us any good if we pay attention to them. I’m glad you find the tips useful!


  2. Steve

    I love it. The point about believing in yourself is HUGE for me. You can’t do anything without that belief. I associate it more with faith since sometimes you really have to have something deep to trust in yourself that things will work out somehow. Many times that’s all you have to go on. When others are filling your head full of doubt, you have to reach somewhere deep inside to pull yourself to do what’s needed to be done.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Absolutely Steve.

      It is funny that sometimes, our worst enemy turns out to be our own selves because of out lack in belief in who we are and what we can do.

      Thank you for your comments!

  3. Kate Findley

    Love all the examples! My dream is to write a best-selling novel, and each day I work on it and battle through all the doubt is one step closer to achieving my goal.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      You can do it Kate. Just don’t stop believing that it’s possible. If you believe you can, it will happen so keep dreaming and keep the fire burning!

  4. mimiguha

    Strong will power can let you fulfill your dreams,but financial freedom is the main key to success.

  5. mimiguha

    Dreams can be real if you have perseverance and financial freedom.Furthermore you must harness your skill else it would be a flop-show.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Absolutely agree Mimiguha! It takes persistence and undying hope to make our dreams come true.

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