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Are You Making the Most Out of Life?

most out of life

Are you making the most out of your life?

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”
― Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married

We all have 24 hours to spend everyday and each of us have our own ways of spending them.  For most of us, we spend more than half of our day in the office working our butts off to earn a living while for some, time is spent at home watching over the kids and taking care of the household chores.  There are also those who choose to spend time watching television or playing video games and then there are those who spend time learning new things by educating themselves or enrolling in various courses.

For the highly successful people, time is a most precious commodity.  Every hour they spend is geared toward productivity.  For them, there is no such thing as wasted time because each second, one way or another, contributes to their success.  Each moment is a building block that would eventually serve as a piece of the success they are working doubly hard for.

We are all living on borrowed time and we all know that.  Life is not a dress rehearsal where we can have a second chance to correct a mistake in the final run.  We are all given one shot to live our lives to the fullest and make the most out of the time we have been given here on earth.

I’ve learned so much ever since I started blogging about personal development and this is one of the things that really hit me.  I realized that I’ve been very relaxed and comfortable and that I should have been more proactive.  I’ve let life happen before my eyes without taking action and I’ve let some opportunities slip away.  I realized that I wasn’t making the most out of life and that life had so much more to offer.


Family Comes First

I have a friend whose parents worked overseas.  This friend of mine practically grew on his own.  He’s been used to living alone without guidance and as a result, made some wrong choices along the way.

I don’t want this to happen to my kids and though opportunities of working abroad have come before me, I still chose to stay and work here in the Philippines where I can be with family.  I may not be earning the big bucks to enjoy a lavish lifestyle but getting to see my kids everyday and watch them grow is more than enough for me.

Unfortunately, other people don’t have that luxury.  They are forced to work away from their families for them to sustain their livelihood and in the process, sacrificing moments they should be spending with their kids.  The very same kids who should be getting the guidance and attention from their parents but had to live without them because they had to.

If you can afford it, spend as much time with family as you can.  Don’t be too indulged with work or making money because doing so may ruin your relationship with them.  Would you trade having everything money can buy over peace of mind?  Be wealthy and prosperous but your kids don’t even know you?


Have time for Self-Improvement

Those who know me well knows how big a movie buff I am.  I can spend the day doing movie marathons and I still do from time-to-time but nowadays, I spend my time more on listening to podcasts and audio books about blogging and self-improvement.  I also read books about personal development and life coaching.

Technology has been a very big help because I can educate myself anytime and anywhere I may be.  I commute to and from the office and while I’m on it, I always have my headphones with me so I can listen to the learning materials I stored in my phone.  During my breaks, I do the same or I can read one of the ebooks I stored in my phone as well.

I used to think that education ends after you graduate from college and it’s simply not true.  There’s more to learn and the availability of learning resources has never been this accessible now that we’re in the age of the internet.  If you want to learn something, all you have to do is Google it and you’ll get more than a million search results to start from.

I didn’t know anything about blogging or personal development before and I learned everything on my own through the internet but that’s just me.  If you are into graphic design, novel-writing, or even selling products online, the internet wouldn’t be short on information about these things and practically anything you can think of.


Find Your Passion

What is it that you enjoy doing that you lose track of time doing it?  That despite the amount of work you have to put into it, you enjoy it like you do videogames or basketball?

Making the most out of life would not be complete without finding your passion.  Some of us, even up to this point and age, may not have even found it yet but when you do, you need to hold on to it and do everything you can to be able to do it as often as you can.

As a kid, Jeremy Lin of the Brooklyn Nets dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player.  He was a big basketball fan when he was young and would always watch NBA games on TV with his father and brothers.  He was passionate about basketball, so much so that he devoted time and effort to learn and be good at it.  He was a standout both in high school and college but due to his ethnicity and the school he played for, he wasn’t given much attention by scouts and NBA teams.

He got transferred from one team to another, always getting cut until his breakout season with the Knicks when “Linsanity” was born.  From a virtual unknown, Jeremy is now considered one of the top guards in the NBA.  There’s no better feeling than to be paid for a job you are passionate about.


Cross-out Items from Your Bucket list

Find time to do whatever it is that makes you happy.  It can be as simple as playing a video game, watching movies in 4D, or sitting in front of a roller coaster.  It can also be as extreme as bungee jumping, sky diving, or trekking the highest peak your country has to offer.  One way to really get the most out of life is by crossing out items from your bucket list or as explained, “things you want to accomplish before you die.”

We only live once and to make it all worth it, you have to give yourself a break from all the stress in the office and find time to do the things you love while you still can.

A former colleague of mine loves to travel.  She would always backpack her way to the different scenic spots here in the Philippines and she does it alone most of the time.  She can be sleeping on air-conditioned hotel rooms tonight and then stay on a house in the middle of the fields with no electricity the night after.

Making the most out of life should not be expensive and almost impossible to attain.  We just have to know our priorities and what it is that makes us happy and productive.  Of course, you need to take action for a dream would only be a wish without action.


Over to You

Are you making the most out of life?

I’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave your comments below.



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