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5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Nine to Five Job

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When is it time to call it quits?

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

I’ve worked for 15 years and I’ve seen a lot of things and worked with a handful of people between the five companies I had the privilege to work for and at this point in my career, I can say that I’ve seen the best and the worst a nine to five job has to offer.  I’ve been a victim of redundancy, won awards and promotions, experienced office politics, you name it.  I’m also at a point in my life where I’m evaluating if a nine to five job is really worth all the stress and effort.

Most of you may probably be at the same point in your lives.  Some may even be past it already and I think it’s a valid thought to consider especially if being an employee has not improved the quality of your life.  You do have a job but you’re struggling to make ends meet.  You barely have savings, you get depressed seeing your monthly bills, and you’re neck-deep in debt.  All these, while holding a job you’re banking on to rid you of the problems mentioned.

Maybe it’s time to change our philosophies in life.  Maybe it’s time to get rid of the old and adopt a new perspective.  As I see it, this is the life cycle everyone is expected to have considering that our parents were the ones who implanted this concept in our brains.

You get to a good school, get high grades because your parents told you that getting such remarks will get you a high-paying job where you will enjoy a guaranteed paycheck each month and long-term benefits, you graduate, work for a company, have your own family, and continue to climb the corporate ladder until you retire.  Sounds familiar right?

I understand where our parents are coming from.  Apart from being conventional, parents only want the best for their kids and being a parent myself, I am worried about the future of my children.  We fear that they would struggle.  We fear that they would run out of money and not be able to support themselves and it is through this fear that we turn to the security a nine to five job provides.


1.  No such this as a secured job

I used to believe that there is such a thing as a secured job especially those that offer retirement packages.  I told myself I’ll be here to stay until the day I retire then what happened next?  I lost my job due to redundancy and this has happened to me twice so every time I hear someone say his or her job is secured, I can’t help but laugh.

Companies close, re-organize, and carry out measures to save money and more often than not, it is the employees who serve as collateral damage.


2.  Stress, stress, and more stress

Working for a nine to five job can be more stressful than you think and it only becomes more stressful as you climb the corporate ladder.  Sitting in front of the computer all day may seem comfortable but being swamped with paper works, attending several meetings, getting a mouthful from your boss, and being a victim of gossips all in one day is in no way comfortable.  It’s not even in the vicinity of comfortable.

Although physically more relaxing, a corporate job can be mentally draining especially if you experience the things mentioned above.  It will all take a toll on you one day and this is your first step towards the “I hate my job” path.

What good is a guaranteed income and good compensation package when by the end of the day you are all burned out?


3.  You won’t get rich doing it

Okay this might be a bit controversial but there are only a selected few who can pull it off and these are the ones who were able to get to the top in the quickest time possible but for most, getting rich may take several years to accomplish.  A nine to five job is not for everyone in terms of making money or becoming a millionaire.  Yes, it can give you car, a house, and let you buy the things you want to buy but becoming extremely rich on it and achieving financial freedom will be quite difficult.


4.  Freedom

People who run their own business have time on their hands.  They can pick up the kids from school, grab a bite in the nearest mall and return to their business without the fear of losing money or getting the ire of a boss.  They are their own boss.  You can’t do this in a nine to five job.  Being an employee is like being under the microscope.  Your attendance and punctuality is measured as well as your performance and these will determine the raise or promotion you will get next year.

If you are the type who’s in to following orders then keeping a job is for you but if you are the type who is intentional and have issues with authority, you should consider having a business of your own.


5.  Growth

As an employee, we all aspire to get to the top one day.  You work your butt off to get that promotion you’ve been after.  You work countless hours, do more than what you were required to do and come to work even if you’re not feeling well but by the end of the year, someone got the promotion you thought you deserved.

To be fair, this does not happen in every company but it does happen a lot because of factors like policies and politics.  It’s depressing to know that everything you worked for and all your sacrifices went down the drain.  The positive in you will say that these were not for nothing and that the learning experience will serve you well in the future but who are you kidding?  Yes, you learned from the experience but you still failed to meet the goal you did all of those sacrifices for.  Give yourself three to four years and if after that long you’re still where you originally started, then maybe it’s time to move on.


We all have our own unique circumstances that pushes us to continue running the rat race and understandably so especially for those of us who have families to feed but we can’t go on doing this for a long time.  Financial freedom is not impossible to achieve but we have to put a lot of work to make it.  If you’re starting to dread going to work in the morning and beginning to affect everyone around you with your never-ending rants about the job, then why prolong the agony by staying there?

Start a small business, get better with money by reading or attending business seminars and become an entrepreneur.  Fulfillment doesn’t have to come after you retire.  You can enjoy work and life now by being in complete control of both.


Do you feel like quitting your nine to five job? Why?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment or feedback below.


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