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8 Awesome Ways to Fight Stress


What are you doing to fight stress?

“If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.”
― Śāntideva

I just came from the doctor today for my pre-employment physical examination and I am happy to learn that I am in good shape and that the only things I should be concerned about were my weight and cholesterol.  I guess it has a lot to do with my lifestyle because even though I don’t drink nor smoke, I would also have to be honest in saying that when it comes to food, I’m not too disciplined.

I don’t watch what I eat though I don’t eat that much (not all the time) but I lose myself every time I face my favorites at the dinner table.  I should be happy and worry-free with the results I got but even the fittest, most disciplined person isn’t safe.  I guess no one is because I’ve had several people I knew die from apparent heart attack  even if they are in the best shape of their lives and the cause of their deaths were both surprising and scary – STRESS.

I’ve never heard of anything quite like it.  I never knew that stress can be as lethal to cause someone to die because if that’s the case, almost every one is in danger of getting a heart attack so it’s only imperative that we find ways to fight stress and these are some of the ways you can:

1. Get enough sleep – one of the causes of stress is the lack of sleep.  You feel awful, heavy and you’re not in the mood if you only slept for a few hours so if you can, get a fair amount of sleep ranging from 6 to 8 hours at most so both your mind and body can relax and regenerate lost energy.

It really depends what you think is right for you.  Studies show that as a person ages, his or her hours of sleep shortens.  In my case,  I sleep for an average of 5 hours every night so getting to sleep for 6 straight hours is considered a luxury on my part.

2. Exercise regularly – a good way to fight stress is to go to the gym and convert them to sweat.  Exercise helps release all the negative emotions as well as energize our tired bodies.  Take a quick run in the morning, ride your bike or practice yoga in your living room.  Exercise makes you energetic and helps you feel light that’s why it’s best if you do it in the morning though evening exercise isn’t a bad idea either.

3. Meditate – a few moment of silence can make a big difference.  I used to think it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo but I tried it and I was surprised with the effect it had on me.  Meditating helps clear our minds and take away all the clutter inside our head.  Do it for 10 to 15 minutes.  Get into a quiet spot at home, close your eyes and breathe in even intervals.

Social media influencer Michael Hyatt also suggested as an alternative to silence, a recording of nature sounds like the waves from a beach or the sound of birds in a forest.

4. Talk to someone – One of the best ways to beat stress is by getting it off your chest by talking to a friend or someone you trust.  It makes a big difference when someone listens to you and gives you sound advice because you do not feel alone and you get the right encouragement to face the difficult situation you are in and eventually, overcome it.  Go to your favorite coffee shop and talk about your problems over a hot cup of coffee.

5. Keep a journal – The biggest benefit you can get from writing everything that happens to you is that it helps you remember how you dealt with a certain situation if it ever happens again.  According to one of my favorite motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, we can’t trust our memories that’s why whenever we hear something great or come across something valuable, we have to write it down.  That’s how important keeping a journal is.

6. Know your priorities – You need to accept the fact that you are only human and that you cannot do everything you wrote in your To Do list so stop pressuring yourself by trying to get everything done when you obviously can’t.  The best thing you can do is know what to prioritize.  Get them done and the rest should follow.

7. Stop trying to please everyone – just like your To Do List, you should also accept the fact that you can’t please everyone and that you will have to disappoint some people even if you don’t intend to.  Learn to say No and stop being too nice all the time because once people begin to see your weakness, they will take advantage of you and this will definitely give you a ton of stress than you ever imagined.

8. Turn to your comfort things – It can be a book, a movie, a food, or a beverage.  Whatever it is, make sure to reward yourself with this thing that magically takes all the stress away (or at least lessen it).

Milk tea does it for me.  I know I’ve said it a couple of times in some of my previous blog posts but man, this drink is just incredible.  It makes all my problems go away even if only for that moment.  As for movies, I usually watch Rocky or Pursuit of Happyness every time I feel all stressed out and after seeing them, I feel much better already.

We all experience moments of stress especially when we get overwhelmed with all the things we have to complete within the 24 hours we were given for each day.  We struggle to keep our heads above water and our efforts wear us all down.  In the end, stress is still more of a mindset than a feeling.  You will feel stressed if you keep telling yourself you are but if you try to take away the focus from that word by engaging in other activities that stimulates your creativity and enthusiasm, you’ll find that stress isn’t really such a big deal.

How do you overcome stress?  What are the things or activities you do to release all the tension?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment or feedback below.  I would really appreciate it.


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  1. Brian N.

    Well done Noel 2 thumbs up.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Thanks Brian!

  2. pamina271

    Well said Noel! Excellent lifestyle guidance.

    Stress is undoubtedly a silent killer and 80% of physical illnesses are stress induced.

    There’s only one thing I would advise caution with and that’s Talk to a Friend. Sometimes depending on what’s stressing you this is a good idea. And sharing your stress before it becomes overwhelming is definitely a good idea. But the benefits of talking to a non-professional has it’s limitations – and sometimes a really negative impact. After all they are not bound by confidentiality rules….also some advice can do more harm than good, well meaning as it may be. We wouldn’t after all take our cars to be fixed by someone who is not a mechanic, just because we liked the look of them :-)

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Completely agree Pamina. Talking to someone and letting it all out makes a big difference.

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