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When is Quitting the Best Option?


Is quitting ever the better option?

“I’m learning quickly, once you quit one thing, it gets easier and easier just to leave situations rather than deal with shit.”
― Doug Cooper, Outside In

I had this podcast interview sometime back with Angela Lynne Gibson of Transpersonal Radio and she brought up an interesting question that I am sure many of you will identify with.

“When is quitting the best option?”

As a failurologist and confidence coach, I’ve always encouraged everyone to NEVER EVER QUIT and to strive to push forward no matter what the circumstances are but every rule has an exception.  There are indeed times when quitting can be the better option than working it out.

Three years ago I decided to join a networking company as a side gig when I got invited by one of my friends and at that time, I thought this was something I can do in the long term.  You have a team that supports you, they train you and share their techniques with you, and I saw how they earned quickly.  Some of them even got themselves expensive cars to show how this business can become lucrative so I was all in.  I mean, what could go wrong?

I invested a big amount of money to start off and not long after, I was inviting friends and colleagues to join my team with the expectation that they will see the potential I saw in the business and that they will support this new venture.

I must have invited more than 20 people to join the business.  I devoted my weekends, holidays and after-work hours to my new side gig hoping to replicate what my uplines have already achieved but I was rejected every time.  It wasn’t easy to divide my time between my full-time job and this business and just under a year into doing it or probably a little over a year, I decided to quit because I wasn’t seeing growth and I realized that this kind of business doesn’t suit me or my skillset.


People quit their jobs, entrepreneurs quit their businesses, spouses quit their marriages and for a lot of reasons and though it is in our instinct not to easily give up on something, there are times when quitting becomes the better option.



According to a 2011 article from Forbes, 70% of the employee population hate their jobs.  I was a bit shocked by the number and although I knew a lot of people who hated their jobs, I wasn’t expecting it to be as high.

I’ve had clients and friends come up to me with the same problem and my advice has always been to prioritize their happiness above compensation.  I mean, what good is it to stay in your job and collect large paychecks if you’re miserable?  Is the amount of stress you experience all worth it?

While I would usually tell you to be thankful and to appreciate the job because others struggle to find and get one, it is only but practical to weigh your options carefully as well and be open to the idea of just moving forward.

What makes you unhappy?

Where is it coming from?

Can you still work through this unhappiness or push yourself to look for something to be happy about?

It’s critical for you to be able to answer these questions because you won’t perform a hundred percent if you don’t find joy in what you’re doing and staying would only make things worse rather than improve your situation.

Stress kills and it’s scary how rampant it is nowadays.


Lack of Growth

I’ve seen this in a number of colleagues I had in my first job.  We all started out as call center agents and although some of us went on to get promoted to seniors and team leaders, some of our batch mates left the company before they even got to the next level and their reason for leaving was the lack of growth and I understood where they’re coming from because who wants to be a first level worker forever?

Though there are some who would prefer less responsibilities, a lot more people have dreams of climbing the corporate ladder but it’s also worth noting that the competition can be brutal.

Growth is not only measured in titles, it can also be measured in your improvement as an individual and this is more apparent in people in relationships.  If you’ve been in a relationship for years and you still fight the way you did when you first got together and haven’t outgrown your insecurities, chances are you’ll find yourselves quitting on this relationship. If you’re not growing as a person or growing together as a couple, it’s probably not gonna work for the long term and one of you may quit soon enough.


Lack of Passion

I’ve always said that if you really want something so bad, you’ll do everything you can to meet your goals and it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, you just won’t quit just like Thomas Edison did after 10,000 failed attempts at the light bulb.

We do however, have to be realistic sometimes.  Quitting on something after one or two attempts does not count though.  That simply means you’re impatient but if you’ve tried for more times that you’ve already lost count, then that’s a different situation.  Quitting is probably the better option in this scenario.

Maybe that task is just not for you or maybe you’re not as committed as you think you are when you started or your passion is just not there.  In these instances, you can’t really force the situation because doing so will probably end in disaster.  You’ll just be wasting your time and effort if your heart is not there.  Find something that gives you fulfillment no matter how difficult it is because even though it’s not gonna be easy, it’ll all be worth it in the end.


Better Opportunities

Sometimes it doesn’t even take a bad thing to happen for you to quit.  There will be times when your best reason for quitting is because of a better opportunity.  Greener pasture so to speak.

You may be happy and contented with where you are right now but you can’t just ignore golden opportunities when they come knocking on your door.  It’s not so much as being ambitious but you got to have an open mind when it comes to opportunities especially those that are unexpected.

There’s nothing wrong with being happy and grateful with what you have but you should also stay hungry and keep an open mind because opportunities may only come once.


Over to You

While quitting is usually reserved as a last resort, there are also times when it becomes the better option than staying on a current task, job or relationship you’re in.  It’s not selfishness to think of yourself first and what you have to gain from what you do.

You don’t have to suffer through a situation when you have the power to get out of it by quitting.


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  1. Annalize

    Neil, I am also one of those who believe in never quitting? Still the question is, when do you quit? Growth is sometimes a long term process and not a once off happening.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Yes Annalize, it really depends on the situation and though I’m a firm believer of th “never-quit” attitude, I also believe that there are situations when you simply can’t force things and you must face the fact that this task or goal is not really for you. Appreciate your comment as always!

  2. Wimbie martinez

    I almost quiting my families… When my husband make a sin I decided to leave him…what is the best thing to do that my respect and trust for him nay come back..?

    1. Wimbie martinez

      May come back?

    2. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Hi Wimbie. Sorry to hear that. Gaining the respect and trust for your husband is actually not your job but his. He was the one who made a mistake so he should be the one doing the work to get you back.

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