Oct 26

7 Unavoidable Situations You Need to Flash a Smile At


Brighten your day with a smile

“I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow.Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.”
― Santosh Kalwar, Quote Me Everyday

A simple smile can go a long way.  Apart from the health benefits, a smile can be a total game-changer especially on days when everything seems to go south and none of the things you do is going your way.

I don’t know about you but I would rather talk to a bank teller or a fast food cashier who displays a huge smile than have a transaction with someone so grumpy you can almost hear them say that they don’t like you there without saying a word.

Don’t be greedy with your smile.  Show those pearly whites as much as you can especially in the following situations:

1. When you’re in a bad mood – Let’s face it, there are just days when you’re not in the right element.  Days when you feel like you woke up in the wrong side of the bed.  No one pissed you off and nothing bad happened.  You’re just not in the mood, that’s all and you will ruin the rest of your day if you don’t do something about it so smile and see how it lightens your mood.

2. When someone’s trying to push your buttons – Life will not always be on your side that’s for sure and along the way, we are bound to meet people who will test our patience by either giving us a hard time or just being plain annoying.  Whenever these people try to get the best of you, just smile, shake your head, and move forward.

3. When you make mistakes – The wonderful thing about being human is how we are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them so instead of feeling bad and hating yourself for a mistake you made, smile instead.  What’s done is done and wallowing in regret wouldn’t help.  Think of it as a learning experience and just laugh it off.

4. When someone cuts you off in traffic – Being on the road can bring out the worst in people.  We’ve seen people become violent because of road incidents sometimes even leading to death so the next time someone rolls his window down to give you a few “choice” words, just ignore them.  Resist the temptation of rolling your windows back and responding to their tirade.  Just move along with smile.

5. When you’re stressed with work – Monday is the worst day for every 9-to-5 employee and for a good reason.  It’s the first day of a long, busy workweek, you are coming from a weekend you enjoyed with the family, and it’s the day for weekly and monthly reports.  Work can become overwhelming at times and the pile of jobs lined up in front of you can cause you stress and it is during these times when a smile can be handy.  Just remind yourself that not everyday is Monday in terms of workload and that this is part of what you signed up for.

6. When your bills are mounting up – Some of us go through a point in life where we struggle to make ends meet and in these situations, we tend to get frustrated every time we look at our bills and realize that our savings may not be enough to cover all of our expenses and when this happens, smile.  Think of this as a temporary inconvenience and that you won’t stay in this mess for a long time.  You can do it and you WILL do it no matter what.

7. When you had a fight with your partner/spouse – There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage.  Misunderstanding will always be present especially for those who are just starting out and when this happens, don’t shout, don’t curse or fight back.  Give each other some space to calm down and when everyone is calm enough, smile at each other and laugh at each other’s stupidity but learn from it.

Life happens and it is a known fact that we cannot control our circumstances or the people in our lives.  We can, however, control how we react to both.  It’s all in the mindset and if you continue to have a positive outlook, nothing, not even the toughest situations can bring you down unless you let it.

When was the last time a smile saved your day?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment or feedback below.


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  1. Stephen Passman

    The first several definitely hit with me. I am so glad you continue to write!

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Hi Wolverine, sorry, Stephen!

      Been a while dude how have you been? I experienced these situations first-hand and I actually found smiling to be effective and I hope it does for you too! Yep, still writing my friend. I love it and it gives me a different kind of high when I get to help other people.

      Thanks for following the blog bro! Appreciate it.

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