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Celebrate Your Small Wins

small wins

How do you celebrate your small wins?

Small wins, no matter how small, are still considered victory

Part of living a life of happiness and fulfillment is the ability to maintain our optimism.  When we’re after a goal,  the road to achievement may get bumpy.  We may encounter hurdles that will test our faith and in most cases, discourage us from moving forward.

If you are starting a business and revenue seems to be taking a long time to return, you may feel discouraged.  Your confidence goes down because you’re thinking that you’re not good enough to make it work.  If you’re trying to win the heart of the woman you love and she does not seem to show interest, your self-esteem goes down and you feel like you don’t want to continue anymore.  If you’re in debt and you’re having trouble paying it off, chances are you’re going to come up with excuses.

This is not the right attitude.  Just because you fell down once, doesn’t mean you can’t pick yourself up again to continue your journey.  Just like what I mentioned in my earlier post which you can read here, success is not achieved overnight.  It will take time and you have to be very patient.

This is why celebrating the small wins is very important.  Doing so gives us the encouragement.  It keeps us going because we’re able to see the results little-by-little.  Of course, it takes a positive mindset for us to see these little wins because if you think negatively, these little wins will mean nothing to you.  It will all be trivial.

So what if your new business hasn’t taken off.  The research and planning you make is already a small win because this makes you a better entrepreneur.  If you’re able to pay off 5% of your debt, that’s a win.  If your promotion hasn’t come but you were recognized for good work, that’s a win.

Sometimes, the problem with most of us is we always tend to look at the negative first.  We need to open our eyes to see that not everything that’s happening around us is meant to make us fail.  If we learn to do this more often, we can lessen the stress and the worry that we’re giving ourselves.

There was this guy named Arthur Boorman, a gulf war veteran, who was suffering from obesity.  His weight went up to 300 pounds and rendered him unable to walk on his own.  He required crutches and knee braces for him to get by and his doctors have told him that he won’t be able to walk again.  He had almost given up on himself until he saw this ad in the newspaper about a new yoga program.  He documented his journey in YouTube which saw him lose a total of 140 lbs in 10 months.  But it wasn’t that easy.  In the videos, Arthur showed how small victories are achieved.  There were several yoga poses that he had a hard time doing but he never gave up until he perfected them.  You can even see him fall down in some of the poses he tried when he was just beginning.

Every week, every month of improvement were small wins for him.  These small wins finally resulted in a BIG win when the last video came out where a fit again Arthur came out running on his own, without any  crutches or braces to support him.

How do You celebrate your small wins?

I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment or share your story below.


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Noel Rosos

About Noel Rosos

Noel is a husband, father, author, performance coach and self-proclaimed FAILUROLOGIST who helps business owners and struggling individuals convert their failures into opportunities through inspiring blog posts, life-changing books and exceptional one-on-one coaching sessions


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  1. pamina@breakfreeandreclaimyourlife.com

    Great article Noel. You are so right. Many, many people forget to celebrate their small wins. It is the most powerful momentum builder there is. When life is all about the “stick” and no “carrot” there is no positive feedback to drive us on.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Absolutely Pamina! Like they all say, “baby steps”!

  2. Tara Woodruff

    Every Win Builds us to The Big Wins!! Great post!

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Correct Tara!

      Each small win is a stepping stone towards the biggest wins!

  3. Janice taylor

    I agree it is important to recognise and celebrate your small wins, then you can see how you are moving forward.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Amen to that Janice!

  4. Annette Segal

    There is another reason to celebrate small wins – perhaps most important. We know from neuroscience that the brain has a survival override for negative learning experiences. As a means of protecting the species, we learned on the savannah to remember the dangerous, unpleasant or deadly. Since that’s where our mind goes and our memory hangs out, it is important from a neuro-plasticity standpoint to balance the “bad” with the “good” and the good needn’t be a major chord, small wins can do it.
    There’s a strategy involved, but one easily learned for interested parties. It makes up for the natural negative override. Read about it in Hardwiring Happiness, by Dr. Rick hanson.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Tnx Annette! I’ll definitely look for that book.

  5. Robert Tempany

    Hi Noel, how inspiring and true. We have the power to choose how we view our experiences, circumstances, results. I identify very strongly with Alchemy – transformation of thoughts, belief patterns to create the desired reality. I make it a game to “Alchemize” recontextualise thoughts, beliefs which are not aligned with my goals, dreams. For me the sting of frustration, disappointment, impatience is dissolved and replaced by a sense of empowerment which is a much better feeling. Thanks for the tip on the book. I posted this link about the Chines Bamboo farmer on the site but not sure I succeeded. I will share it with you and ask that you also might share it with others https://youtu.be/2nFDmrLGgYM. I salute your ongoing success and happiness.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Thanks Robert! Nothing I want more than to inspire people and bring hope and happiness through my blog posts.

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