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Staying Motivated When You’re Down

staying motivated

How do you keep your hopes up when you’re down and out?

How do you stay motivated?


We’ve all had our share of setbacks in our lives.

You might have lost a loved one, got fired from your job, got buried in debt or struggling with your battle with addiction.

These are times when we’re at our lowest point and where no amount of positive thinking or encouragement can help lessen the pain.  This is perfectly normal especially when the situation is still fresh.

Your morale is down and it feels like hope is beyond your reach.

I’ve been through these situations multiple times and in each of those times I was lucky to have recovered eventually.

But it does take time to get your bearings back and start over.  It takes a lot of encouragement and determination within you for you to pick the pieces up and tell yourself that you’re okay and that the fight is not over.

While it is tough, staying motivated in these times is not impossible.


Allow yourself the disappointment

Fighting back the disappointment and the pain will not do you any good.  Instead of fighting it, allow yourself to go through it.  Let it linger for a time because you are supposed to feel them.    These are feelings we cannot avoid or run away from.  Let it hurt until such time when the pain is already manageable.


Talk to someone

You need to get these bad feelings out at a certain point.  You need to let it out and get it off your chest and this is where a friend or family member can be most useful.  Confide with someone you trust and someone who knows you well enough to understand what you’re going through.  Getting the load off will give you some breathing room and make you feel a little better.

You need to have a good support system and a cheering squad during these trying times to help get your morale back up.  A shoulder you can lean and cry on.

You also need to get some good advice to help clear your mind.

Maintain your focus

When we’re down there is a risk of losing our focus.  We may get so eager to come up with a plan to recover from the situation that we entertain one idea after another until we get lost in what we really want to do.  Stay focused and assess the best course of action.  Stay with that action plan and eventually, carry it out.

Getting in panic is the last thing you should be doing.


It will all end eventually

Always keep a mindset that all problems and setbacks do eventually end.  Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon enough.  Picture in your mind what you would be doing when that day comes.

These too shall pass!


Be patient

Your plans of getting back on your feet may take longer than you expect so you have to be patient.  People have different levels of recovery.  Some take days, weeks, months, or even years depending on the gravity of the situation they’ve been through.

The only risk in being patient is that you may dwell on the problem too long and waste the time and energy you should be using to get back up.

There will really be times in our lives when we go through hardships, struggles, hard times which will test how strong our faith is.  It will be up to us if we would give up the fight or if we will continue to fight back.  I’m not really the religious type but from personal experience, what I do is talk to God.

I don’t necessarily ask Him why I’m going though adversity.  I just tell Him that I know this is one of the trials He sent me but that I won’t lose my faith in Him and that I know He will help me get through this mess.


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  1. Pamina Mullins

    Good advice Noel! Adversity and loss can be an excruciating experience at the time, but can also be a valuable wake up call to the hero within http://breakfreeandreclaimyourlife.com/change-management/13-ways-stressful-experiences-can-fast-forward-the-birth-of-a-hero

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Thanks for sharing that great article of yours as well! Cheers!

  2. Irene

    Enjoyed immensely

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Thanks Irene! Glad you liked it. Hope the article helped.

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