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Stop Making a Living and Start Designing Your Life

designing your life

Stop making a living and start designing a life.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you?

Not much. – Jim Rohn

I’ve always been fascinated by the entrepreneurial mind.

What drives someone to become an entrepreneur?

Where do they get the motivation to go after the path of entrepreneurship?

I never really understood it that much until I started my own personal development journey.  It all became clear to me why people who go into business read a lot of self-help books and are more positive than most people.  It also became clear to me why they are so passionate about what they do.

We all work hard to make a living for our families because that’s how we were brought up.  We were raised in the belief that this is how life should be lived.  Graduate, get a job, get married then start a family and there’s nothing wrong with that but what if you can achieve more?  What if there is a better option than what have been taught? What if you can enjoy life and work at the same time and make a fortune out of it?

Being an entrepreneur is not just about making money.  Based on the number of businessmen and women whose interviews I’ve listened to, it’s about designing your life and living it the way you want to.  Living life on your own terms.


Designing your life according to what you want

I always hear people say how much they hate their job and it’s quite alarming that around seven out of ten of the people I know do not like what they do but they’re forced to do it because they have to make a living for their families.  The problem with this is that no matter where you go, even if you switched companies every two years or so, you’ll most probably end up feeling the same.

You may be able to soften up a little with a higher pay and better benefits but if your heart is really not into what you do, pretty soon, you’ll be back to where you were: Complaining and dissatisfied.

You have to be clear on what you really want.  Do you want a job that helps you learn new skills?  Do you want a job that promotes work-life balance or a job that gives you more freedom to exercise your creativity?

Once you have the answer, it would be a lot easier to determine your path towards the life you really want and by knowing this, you can start designing your life and be more intentional.


Being in charge

One of the reasons why entrepreneurship is so appealing is that it puts you on the driver seat.  You don’t have to follow orders or beat deadlines.  Everything you do depends entirely upon you (including whether to not your business becomes profitable or not).

You don’t have to dread Mondays anymore or go through the rush hour traffic everyday because you have time on your hands. You can work when you want and for how long you want.  You can spend more time with your family, bring the kids to school and pick them up later, go to the gym, have your afternoon nap.  All these without worrying about someone getting mad and giving you a low appraisal score for always being late and taking longer lunch hours.

This is what designing your life is all about!  It’s about enjoying what you do while getting paid to do it.

Is there anything more awesome than that?



Credit goes to Mel Gibson for that resounding cry at the end of the movie Braveheart.  I bet you every corporate slave (including yours truly) would like to get the opportunity to say this at the top of their lungs and if you really want to, it is possible.  It doesn’t have to stay a fantasy but for this to happen, you need to start designing your life.

According to the entrepreneurs interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts, Entrepreneur on Fire, they’re now living the life they’ve always envisioned by drafting their escape plan.  No, it can’t be done overnight, sorry.  You got to have a concrete vision of where you want to go and how you are going to get there.  Most of the interviewees in that show are involved in the online business and we may not realize it but we’re living in perhaps the best era there ever has been for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Thank God for the internet you can now work at the comfort of your living room or even in front of the beach while drinking your margarita (that comes with that tiny little umbrella).  This is how the word lifestyle entrepreneur was invented.  It’s not just about the money.  It’s about the freedom to do whatever you want, when you want and where you want that makes it all the more exciting!


Ability to earn more

I know I said at the beginning that it’s not all about the money but when you’re designing your life, you can’t live happily ever after if you don’t have anything to spend.  So you have freedom, and you’re in charge.  What if apart from these perks, you still have the ability to earn more than what you did last month?


As an employee, you get a fixed salary every month.  If your basic is 50k, it will always be 50k unless you get promoted.  This fact made me understand why people who design their life go into entrepreneurship.  It’s because of the potential to earn more money while enjoying your passion.  Your profit depends on the amount of work you clock in and when you love the thing you do, time flies so fast because you are enjoying your job.


At the end of the day, we all want to have work-life balance so we could have more time to spend with our families but we don’t have to settle for just that.  There is a better life waiting to be discovered where you can be your own boss, have command of your time, earn more money while spending each and every minute with your wife and kids and that all begins by DESIGNING YOUR LIFE.

Over to You

What kind of life do you dream of living?  Have you started designing your life according to what you want?

I would love to hear from you so I would appreciate it if you can leave a comment below.  Let’s talk!


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