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Tips on surviving a job you hate

surviving a job you hate

Are you in a job you hate but can’t afford to quit?

I re-posted one of my top posts the other day about hating our job and I was surprised but alarmed at the same time.  I had the highest views for this article when it was first published and the re-post didn’t disappoint either.

Does majority of the people nowadays really hate their jobs?  Based on the statistics, it seems that way so I decided to come out with another article and this time, I would like to address the problem by providing some useful tips on how you can stay happy (at least while you’re still there) in a job that you already hate.

For people who hate their jobs, the first thing that comes to mind will probably be to quit but not everyone is capable of doing this especially those who have mouths to feed and kids to send to school so even if it’s against their will, some people are forced to stay in a job they hate until they can find a new one but that’s easier said than done.

It may take months and sometimes even years to find the perfect match that would give you the same if not a better compensation package that would make your move all worth it.

Is surviving a job you hate possible?  Yes, it is possible but it all depends on you.  More importantly, it depends on what you feed your mind.  Here are some useful tips you may try:


Determine which part of the job makes you hate it

There are a ton of reasons for you to hate your job.  It can be your boss, your colleagues, the culture, the work hours, or the job itself.  It’s important to recognize which part of the job makes you hate it so much because this is where it all starts.  Just like in any other problem, you need to find the root cause so you would know which one to address.


Change your mindset

Instead of moping all day and ranting non-stop about how you want to get rid of your job, try to stop for a while and think of those who are currently unemployed.  Think of how lucky you are to even have a job when others will give just about anything to swap places with you.  This is perhaps the most given advice for this particular situation because it is true and it shows you a picture of the situation from another point of view.

To quote Bella Life founder Nikita Chopra: “Gratitude trumps grumpitude.”


Start your day right

How the day starts normally dictates the tone of the entire day.  If you started the day badly and grumpy, chances are you’ll be that way for the rest of the day so it’s very important to always start the day on a positive note because doing otherwise would only add fuel to the fire so to speak.  Wake up early, meditate, exercise, and have a hearty breakfast.

We have a previous article on this subject that you can read here.


Let it all out – outside of the office

While it does help to vent your frustration out, you have to do it with someone who’s not a colleague and outside of work like your wife, your friends or your siblings.  It’s just not healthy to whine about all the things you find wrong within work premises.  When you’re at work, try to keep them all to yourself because telling a colleague will turn your grievances into gossip.  You need to remember that no matter how awful your situation is, you are still at the mercy of the company who puts food in your table.

You also have to show class despite the ugly situation you’re in and conduct yourself in a professional manner all the time.


Make the most out of your break periods

One of the things you can do to lessen the tension is to try to stay away from your cubicle as much as possible during breaks.  Take a stroll, eat at the cafeteria, or hang out in the nearest Starbucks you can find.  Keeping away from work will take your mind of it as well as the disappointment you have over it.

Reading a book or watching movies in your mobile phone while on break will also help.


Talk to your manager

Even if your manager is part of the problem, it’s still appropriate to talk to them and let them know what’s keeping you from being happy.  You can leverage with them by asking for some time off, working from home on some days, or adjusting your work hours.

Regardless of your situation, one of your manager’s roles is to see to it that his direct reports are comfortable performing their functions.  It is also his job to address any issues his direct reports might have so don’t be afraid to have a conversation with them.  Just make sure that you speak professionally and get a hold of your emotions.

Talking to your manager shows that you want to resolve the problem.  Talking to your colleagues about the problem makes you a whiner.


Enjoy your time away from work

Get out with friends, go on a date with your spouse, or simply relax at home with the kids.  Whatever it may be, have fun.  It’s the best reward you can give yourself given the situation you are in.  Indulge yourself with activities that will take your mind off work and will serve as an escape from all the stress you’re going through.


Turn the negative in to positive

Sometimes, life has a weird way of making us realize why things happen to us.  What we thought was a painful experience can actually be the best thing to happen to us.  Difficult situations can sometimes serve as a wake up call for us to take action but it all depends on the kind of mindset you have.  With the right attitude, you can turn a negative situation into a positive experience.

If you’re not happy with your current job, maybe it simply isn’t for you.  Maybe you’re cut out for something else.  Your struggles should make you realize what it is you really want and put your career on a whole new perspective.  Always believe that when failure comes, something better lies ahead.

Are you happy with your current job or are you just trying to survive it?


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  1. Steve

    These are some great ideas. I think it’s worth it to explore ways to change your view of the job before just quitting. You never know what might be affecting it. I had a job once that I didn’t like going to, but I realized that it was because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. That can affect your mindset a lot. Sometimes it might not be the job, but what you’re doing around that job. It’s worth looking in to.

    1. Noel

      Totally agree Steve. Sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective and mindset.

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