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Apr 27

The Purpose of Life: Knowing your why

What is the purpose of life? We all have dreams and goals in life.  Some of us aspire to become a world-class athlete, some would like to be a successful entrepreneur while others have a simple dreams of having a happy and prosperous life with their families. If you are in a corporate environment, every …

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Feb 28

20 Motivational Quotes that Would Make You Want to Become a Better Person

  Today’s post will be a bit different from the usual because today, I’m bringing you what for me, are the 20 Best motivational quotes ever spoken. The quotes below have all the elements of the best life every one of us have dreamed of that involve happiness, passion, determination, dreams and taking action. These …

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Feb 23

Success is Near When Failure Abounds

Thrive for Success Many of us aspire to meet success.  Whether it be in business, relationships or careers, success is our ultimate goal.  But then again most of us also fear to experience failure.  What we fail to realize is even the most successful people had to go through multiple failures to get to where …

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