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Time: The Most Valuable Commodity


Do you realize how important time is?

“You may delay, but time will not.”
― Benjamin Franklin   tweet this!


I’ve developed a schedule, more of a routine to be exact, in how I spend my whole week.  Of course I have my regular day job to take care of on weekdays but I also allot time for this blog after office hours.

I usually come out with new content on Sundays and Thursdays.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays are usually spent building relationships with other bloggers, researching for ways to improve my blog, and finding ways to attract more traffic.  Do I still get to sleep?  I still do luckily.  I still get to sleep around five hours every night.

Saturdays and a good part of Sunday is my time to detoxify.  My family and I would usually go to the mall and have dinner.  If we don’t have any plans, I spend the whole day watching movies.  I’m a big movie fan and it has been a favorite hobby of mine for as far as I can remember.  I have a big DVD collection that I never tired of watching (my wife has asked me how I enjoy watching something I’ve already seen so many times.  I told her she wouldn’t understand).

I love great stories and that’s one of the takeaways I get from watching a nice, little movie.  It is also where I get inspiration and ideas for my blog.

Yesterday I got to see the movie Interstellar for the first time and it blew me away not because of the special effects the mind-altering effects of a Christopher Nolan movie but because of the touching story between a loving father and his children.  I quickly identified with the main character because I’m a father too and we were very much alike (I don’t look like Matthew McConaughey though I wish I did) about how important our time was for our families.

You only get to do it once

Life is no dress rehearsal.  You only get one shot at it and after that, the moment is gone.  You may get something that closely resembles that moment in the future but you will never get that exact same moment back.

In Interstellar, Cooper was given the unenviable assignment of looking for other worlds that the people from earth can inhabit because the earth is slowly deteriorating.  He was hesitant to leave because of his children but the fate of humanity rested on his shoulders and completing the mission can also mean saving his family from earth’s destruction so he left against his will to his daughter Murph’s opposition.

He knew that by the time he comes back, Murph would be his age or even older due to the theory of relativity (in the movie, Cooper and his team went to a planet where an hour  spent was equivalent to around 23 years on earth).  That means missing some of the most important years of his children’s lives.  They communicated through short video recordings and by the time he got back from the said planet, he already had a grandchild from his son and Murph was already his age when he left.

I was deeply touched by that moment because like Cooper, I’ve learned to value time so much that I wouldn’t trade it for money or fame.  Seeing loved ones pass away made me realize how important time is and how short life can be.  My dad and my in-laws died very soon.  They were not able to enjoy their grandkids as much as others would and my kids didn’t get to know them as much too because their time was up.  I don’t want this to happen to me that’s why I live for every moment I spend with my family.  I could have worked abroad and earned a lot of money that would have given us a more comfortable life but I’ll pass.  I would rather spend our lives earning just enough and getting by as long as we’re together because I can never get back lost time.  Like I said in a previous post, my kids will only be kids once.  I want to see their childhood and see them grow up before my eyes.  I want to be in their graduation, in their basketball camp.  I want to be there when they have their first boyfriend (good Lord, not yet!).

Be there for your kids while they’re still young because once they reach adolescence, you won’t see them as much as you used to anymore because they would rather be hanging out with their friends.  Money can be earned and so are titles and fame but you can never regain time lost.

There’s no rewind button

Time travel has always fascinated me (geek alert).  The idea of going back through time or traveling to the future has been a fancy of Hollywood movies and  who can blame them?  Would you pass on the chance to see real dinosaurs live in person or see how advanced technology has become in the year 3000 if given the chance?  Of course, we all know that’s wishful thinking, at least for now.

Movies like Somewhere in Time (one of my all-time favorites) and About Time shows us how important of a commodity time is.  How convenient would it be to be given the chance to rekindle love even before it happened?

In Somewhere in Time, Christopher Reeve traveled back to 1912 to experience a romance he didn’t even knew existed but the fact that you got to be with the woman you fancied so much just by seeing her picture in a hotel museum was priceless.

In About Time, Tim Lake belonged to a family whose male members had the ability to travel back in time and change his past to improve the future.  His father told him to live each day twice like he did to spend more time with the family after learning he was terminally ill.  He eventually died but Tim got to visit him by traveling back when he misses him.  This all changed when Tim’s wife asked for a third child because his ability to time-travel had a limitation and that is that he can’t go back and change things before his child is born because doing so would mean that they won’t be born at all.  He visited his father for the next nine months but had to say goodbye once his third child is born.

Unfortunately for us, this is not possible.  We only get to live once and that’s all so while we’re at it, we have to make the best of every moment we’re given.  Live each day doing what you want, spend it with someone you love, and seize every opportunity that comes along because it would never happen again.

The Takeaway

We’ve all been blessed with 24 hours to spend each day and each moment has its own significance in our lives.  It’s better to have done or said something you want than not having done it at all because once it’s done, it’s over.  There’s no going back and the last thing you want is to live life not knowing what might have been because you’ll never get the answer to that question.

Life is short and time is not on our side.  Spend it wisely and live it to the fullest.

Over to You

Is there a moment in your life that you wish you can turn back the hands of time for?  A moment you would give everything for to relive?

I would love to hear from you so leave a comment or share your story below.  I would appreciate it so much if you do.


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  1. Ikechi Awazie

    Hi Noel

    Wow! I must watch these movies you have mentioned. I have watched the trailer of Interstellar but I am yet to watch the movie. You have sparked so much interest in me that I will go watch the film.

    Now Time is really priceless. I am a fan of Time Travel too and I always wish to go back in time but in reality it is not possible. I love the message of this which is that we should learn to be time conscious.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Yes buddy you should check those all out because more than just the story, they leave us with great life lessons as our takeaway. Maybe being a father made me more in tune with these movies and the lessons they impart which is the importance of time but it doesn’t solely apply to parents. It applies to all our relationships.

  2. Julian Sirian (@JulianSirian)

    Really thoughtful article.

    I try myself to be as present as possible. I say, ‘try’ loosely, because my mind soon conjures up images that are more exciting…

    Yet when I look back in my life, I get incredibly nostalgic. Time is very precious and shouldn’t be misused, yet we misuse it all the time.

    Thanks for a profound reminder

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      Indeed Julian. Time is a precious commodity yet we, although most of the time inadvertent, take it for granted. I cherish being a parent for my kids so much because they’ll only be children once and I don’t wanna miss any part of that.

  3. Bradley Don Maddox

    Ty for your time writing this.been expressing
    The same thing to people. I say stuff like ,if you only had 2 min left to live what would you do go.put them on the spot .so it freaks out ,some people say idk.2 people have said I’ll sleep some use. There last two minutes on Feb live telling everyone they know that they love them and Not To WASTE THERE TIME LIKE THEY HAVE….and I want you to know you are right we only have one life time. I tell all people did you know you are going to die ….some people say what no I’m not .then I fill them in when you was born you are mentioned to die ink when .but u are. They lol and agree they are going to die .with this being said I let them know if you know you are about to die .you make better choices. And when you live to die fear has no room in your life and time has more meaning u under stand if you get to live long .ty again for your post .Bradley Don Maddox “The 60Sec Closer ” aka Bradley Done Maddox lol p.s. May God bless you and yours. God Speed what do you think God speed means ?

    1. Noel Rosos
      Noel Rosos

      True. If you knew you had limited time, you’ll make the most out of evert remaining second you have.

      Thanks for your input Bradley!

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